Fim de Férias

So, today was ‘back to school’ for Thibault. After a week in Chile, the usual three weeks of winter break and two additional weeks for swine flu prevention, Thibault was soooo ready to go back ! All morning long he kept saying school, school, school…

We had a super winter break, though. Winter here is about 27° to 30° Celsius when there is sun, and on overcast days slightly cooler. So as far as winters go, it’s really not that bad. Heck, our winter is nicer than some peoples summer! I really enjoyed having both boys at home together and relaxing a bit with the schedules and routine. Sometimes it is nice to not have a plan, to be free from engagements, to not have to drive and go out every day. Thibault really explored the garden, learned to climb trees, made sun prints and chalk drawings, went on lots of walks. He played a lot with his little brother and learnt to share his cars and other toys with him which is always a good thing.

The three biggest events of the break for Thibault where his turning two years old, changing his crib to a twin bed and the initiation to potty training. His birthday was a blast because he is at that age where he is starting to understand that it is all about him; for each gift he opened he said ‘wow’ three times and he enjoyed blowing out his candles. Changing beds was a big excitement too. He loves being tucked into bed and he loves storytime in bed now instead of in the rocking chair. We’ve recently begun doing storytime with both boys which is nice. Thibault really likes showing his books to his brother, especially the ‘touch and feel’ series. Potty training has had less of an impact on Thibault. He loves to sit on his potty and read, but he doesn’t always pee. I think it will be a slow process but atleast he is taking it well. I think with our upcoming move and all the transitions we will soon be going through, it will add to the challenge. But we’re ready!

So now Thibault’s back in school which means driving to town four times a day, making sure we are productive in the morning so that I can get things done and have lunch ready by noon so that we can leave the house at twenty of one, and less napping time. We’ll see if he has a lot of adapting to do with the return of the routine. Hopefully it will go smoothly.

Damien continues to do well. Now, he really has to figure out how to roll back over when he rolls onto his tummy, because his big brother is no longer there to do the rolling for him! Damien looks forward to when Thibault comes home from school so that they can play together for an hour before bath-time and the evening routine. He continues to enjoy his purées and is mastering the spoon more and more and holding his bottle a little more on his own each day.

I am also glad to have a bit more time in the day for me, maybe now, with fewer interruptions, I can finally get this packing started and the moving process on its way!


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