Ready, Set, Go!

OK, so we are moving in a month, and until this week I hadn’t really let that sink in or done anything about it. In a way, I was waiting for my oldest son to go back to school. Psychologically, I just couldn’t deal with it, plus it was Vacation which means no ‘tedious or sad’ activities!

SO Thibault is back in school, Damien still has regular nap times and so NOW I can start thinking about the move. yikes! We leave in less than a month. I can’t believe that this moment is here. I *dread* it, but things could be worse. First of all, I am not the one who will actually, physically be making up boxes, wrapping what we’ve accumulated over three years with two kids, I won’t be picking up the boxes, or tapping them shut, I won’t even be marking what the contents of the box are (though I do have to inventory everything for insurance purposes which should be good fun 48+ Martha Stewart Living magazine’s -$480, 30+ pairs of flip flops – $ 600, 4 bikinis – $200, and on and on…) so I have it easy. All I really need to do is separate what in fact we want to keep and bring to France with us and what we don’t mind leaving behind and donating or throwing away. It is still hard work, especially for someone who is known to accumulate and save things for a craft project, or ‘in case we might need it’, or some other random reason. The Second reason things could be worse is because moving back to Paris is a pretty good destination to move to, in my book. This is the city of lights we are talking about! Museums, art, architechture, fabulous food, quality, open air markets and café terraces ! OK, so the people aren’t so friendly, smile not too often and the weather is not as sunny and warm, but it is *still* Paris and honestly, there are worse places I would want to move too.

Yesterday a gal from one moving company came to see how much stuff we are taking back and to give us an estimate. We have to get three estimates from three different moving companies. Another someone will come tomorrow. Now, I don’t think we have a lot of stuff, but that is relative! Remember that when we arrived here we were just two and had six trunks. Whilst here, we have grown to four and will have a bit more than just six trunks. We will bring back a few pieces of furniture, lots of priceless artwork, some books and magazines, a few souvenirs, less than 100 dvd’s, lots of toys, some kitchen utensils and casseroles, some craft and hobby ‘things’, and that is it. See, not too much, right?

For a few nights this week my husband was away on business to the big cities and somehow that also helped me to move forward and get things done. I don’t have to pause from packing to fix us dinner (yesterday I don’t think I ate dinner, oops!), or stop in the middle of my energy spurt to go to bed (last night I went to bed at 1am and it was perfect!).

Damien’s godparents and Thibault’s best buddy are coming next week, so I can’t go too fast and pack the sheets and towels just yet, which is fine because we still have about three weeks of living, eating, sleeping in the house and we’ll ‘need’ and ‘use’ our stuff. But at-least I can get a head start on the things we not often use, or at-least not on a daily basis… funny how ‘moving’ always make me want to procrastinate getting things together but also makes me giddy with excitement that change is here !

Moving day : T minus 22 days


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2 Responses to Ready, Set, Go!

  1. Caity says:

    Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog! I do appreciate it.

    I’m obviously new to your blog. Are you actually moving overseas? That’s incredible. I’m actually planning to move overseas to New Zealand with my husband sometime in the near future. I am currently trying to get my immigration and working papers all sorted out. I hope everything goes smoothly with your move. I bet you are very excited!

    • Alexandra says:

      hey there ! thanks for your visit. Yes, we move in a month, but we are moving ‘back’ to France. We’ve been in Brazil for the past three years… it actually makes me think of you. My hubby and I were married and two weeks later we moved ! Good Luck with all the paper work for your move. It is *tedious* but so worth it to see, here, taste, discover another culture, community, country… enjoy the adventure!

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