It’s Coming…

T minus 10 days till moving day. I am suppose to be doing a million things right now, and I am not doing any of them. My head is a whirlwind. I should start writing things down. I tried making a list a few weeks ago, but in the discombobulation that comes with moving, I can’t seem to find it. Today I thought I had a good start. I got to sleep in an extra hour, (thanks Thibault!) and showered early. I was ready to go out the door at 9:30 am, ready to tackle a few items I had scralled on a bit of paper. I got to my first stop. Found parking ‘right in front’!. Went in, selected my items, went to check out and realized that my CC had expired. Oops, how could I have missed that! The shop didn’t want to accept checks, and I didn’t have enough cash on me. I’ll have to go back tomorrow when I get my new card and it’s activated. I guess I’ll have to put the other things on my list off till tomorrow too…. ah well.

I did have enough cash on me to get supper taken care of. Not very luxurious, but yummy none-the-less. Gnocchi with smoked salmon. I’d like to bake something, but haven’t any eggs…

I got home it time to make lunch, spinach, tomato, cheese and spicy chicken salad. Both boys were napping so I had some time to do stuff for me, only, I didn’t know where to begin. I am overwhelmed! I don’t know which task I should tackle first. So what did I do during that time, nothing. Not One Thing. It did allow me to bring Thibault to school on time however, since I wasn’t doing anything else to interrupt.

Then I went to get an oil framed. It is a scene of Rio de Janeiro, with the Christ’s silhouette agaisnt the blue sky with bright, colourful favelas in the foreground. It is one of my favourite pieces that we have aquired here. The artist is the son of another painter of whom we have also bought works. Choosing a frame wasn’t easy. The gal at the shop kept proposing dark, brown frames which didn’t go at all with the feeling of the painting. In the end I chose a white frame, slightly aged which recalls the paint on the façades of the favelas. The painting should be ready for pick-up next Wednesday. I think adding a frame will ‘finish’ the painting.

On my way home I took a drive through Penedo. It was a beautiful sunny, blue sky day today, about 37°C. This coming weekend is a long weekend, as the 7th is Independence Day, but the tourists haven’t yet arrived. The streets were calm, the shops empty. I popped in to see my seamstress for a fitting. Wow, she has managed to make all my dream dresses – sun-dresses to cocktail dresses for me, all in one months time. She is fabulous! She can take a picture and turn it into a dress! She has gold in her fingers!

Then on my way home I decided to take a different route than usual which has me pass the bus stop not too far from our house. And I thought I saw our gardener standing in the shade of the roof of the bus stop. Now don’t get the wrong idea. We aren’t ritsy-ditsy rich, just here in Brazil, it is important to have a gardener if you have a garden because with all the plant and animal life here it is easy to have snakes and scorpions in the house.

So, apparently, our gardener decided to take the afternoon off and not even tell me about it, or ask me for that matter. And I called him on it. So he was angry with me because ‘he got caught’ playing hookey, though he really shouldn’t get worked up about it, as it is rather I who has every right to be furious with him. He came home sulking and I didn’t see him all afternoon. Then, when I left to go pick up Thibault from school, I discovered that all the air had been let out of all the tires. Who do you think it could be. I know! I was pretty pissed, but of course, Mr. Gardener was no where to be found. He should have answered to my calls, because now, tomorrow he’ll have to deal with my husband and that is going to be worse than had he faced me. He made me one hour late in picking up my son. And I had to call for help. We may need new tires, that’s four. Oh and the tires are imported, which means that here in Brazil, you add 50% tax on all imported goods. That means he’ll owe us about four months salary to cover the tires. He has made some pretty poor choices in the past, but this is the last straw. He could have waited 15 days and he would have been free from being employed by us, but he had to go and blow it with two weeks to spare. Shows you can never trust the people around you, or at-least not the people who work for you. If he is capable of letting air out of the tires because I reprimanded him, what will he do to us when we fire him? I hope he’s prepared for tomorrow’s confrontation. As far as I am concerned, he no longer works for us and I no longer want to see him on the property or address him. I have so many other, more important things to concern myself with, he no longer exists for me. I know my hubby wont fire him, not with 15 days to spare, but I am through acknowledging his presence.

In the end, I guess you could say that today was a “horrible, no good, very bad day”. Despite my beautiful dresses and the amazing weather! Though I really shouldn’t complain. I know none of this is important, that I must sound like a ‘poor little rich girl ‘and the world still continues to spin on its axle regardless of how I spent my day, but it has been therapeutic for me to vent. I know I’ll sleep better. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. I really must get started on the priorities of this move!


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2 Responses to It’s Coming…

  1. Julia says:

    I am sorry that you had such a horrible end to a great day! Cannot wait to see you in your lovely dresses though!

    Also, just saw the quilt for Arthur!!! It’s lovely! It’s wonderful how you get to showcase your talent!

  2. Catherine says:

    Wow! How can you be sure that the gardener is the culprit! It is weird though, and it makes me a little afraid for you and the children if he is acting out in this way.

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