Traveling, Luxury Style

Traveling is fun. It is an opportunity to see the world, discover other people and their culture, taste new foods and hear new sounds. Traveling allows you to be more open-minded, more tolerant, more outgoing. I love to travel, to see new places, learn new things. I love the excitement in preparing for a trip, the days leading up to the departure and the thrill of arriving at the destination.

Of course, half of the fun of traveling is in getting ‘there’. Stories of lost luggage, experiences with taxis who loose their way, the comforts or aggravations of sleeping condition, the (lack of) tastes in meals eaten, the frustrations with delays and long lines, the scares of emergency landings, the joy in receiving money for giving up you seat and traveling one day later.

Thursday was traveling day for us. We were on our way to Paris after living in Brazil for three years. We were four traveling. We were not traveling lightly.


But we were traveling in style. Often, when you move overseas for your (husband’s) company, they fly you in Business Class. Lucky us, a family of four, to get such royal treatment on an 11 hour plane-ride! We has so much space around us; our seats could actually transform to allow us to sleep as though we were in our own beds.


We got to be among the first passengers to board the plane. Thibault was so excited to have his own seat, a first for him now that he is two years old and has to pay his way. Unlike Damien who gets to ride for free. Damien didn’t get his own seat, but he did get his own bassinet in which to stretch out and sleep.


Once the plane took off, the boys were treated to toys, games (stickers and cards) for Thibault and a stuffed toy for Damien and we were treated to a drink (champagne, naturally) and these oh-so-delicious crackers from Fauchon.


We had fois gras as an appetizer and chocolate cake for desert (with tournedos as the main dish and a plat of three cheeses). Thibault had a yummy kids meal.



Wow, is it nice to travel in luxury, and especially when traveling with kids. Two hours into the flight, Damien did manage to spit up some of his bottle, on my right side – leg, arm, and right breast, then turn his head and get my left side – leg, arm and left breast, but I just laughed it off. You kind of have to accept things like this will happened when you travel with kids! After a delicious air plane dinner, we got the boys into their PJ's, Thibault even brushed his teeth! and we put them down for the night. They slept for the better part of the flight, which was so nice for us. We got to sleep too! stretched out, under our woven blankets, with our feet up! I actually found the flight not long enough! I didn't get to watch the movies I would have liked to see on our individual screens, I didn't get to read all the complimentary magazines they had out for us, and I didn't get to taste all their midnight snacks.

When we arrived in Paris at 8 AM local time, 3 AM Rio time, we actually didn’t feel too bad, at least not to the extent of the usual ‘I just got hit by a truck’ feeling. Going through customs was a breeze, claiming our bags went quickly and our ride was waiting for us with a big a** van to carry us and our luggage to our hotel, where we have the dream view of the city.


Traveling is a treat, an opportunity, an experience. I love to travel, and for sure, traveling in such luxury can’t be beat! I would travel to any destination, no matter how long the flight, if I could always travel in business class!


About Alexandra

wife, lover, mother, sister, daughter, friend, teacher, blogger, scrap-booker, cross-stitcher, photographer, designer, multi-lingual speaker, dual-citizenship holder, world traveler, dreamer... hopeful, happy, blessed
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3 Responses to Traveling, Luxury Style

  1. Catherine says:

    Very very nice, as usual! Thanks!

  2. Caity says:

    Wow you definitely are lucky! So many people, including myself, have not had the best experiences traveling. I’m glad that you have been fortunate enough to have good travel experiences. I do enjoy traveling and I do plan to do a lot of it in the future so it’s good to hear about things like this. 🙂

  3. Julia says:

    Great post, Alexandra! Nothing is better than traveling business class with kids!

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