Where’s My Nest?



So, for the past week we have been house hunting as you may already know. It has been a very fun and exciting experience, but also a very tedious and exhausting one. We’ve visited several houses, big ones, small ones, ones with yards, ones without, some new, some old, some old redone to be new, some over our budget, some under our budget. We’ve visited houses in the morning, we’ve visited houses in the afternoon. we’ve visited houses on the weekends, in the evenings. We have visited each house with our two little ones so that hasn’t been easy for them or for us. The poor boys are so tired, sick with colds, and we don’t even let them have their nap-times in their own beds! With all the houses that we have visited there is always the same house that comes out ahead for different reasons. It was the second house we visited on our very first day of house hunting. Who would know that after visiting so many houses we would still prefer ‘that second house we saw’ to the others. We could have probably saved ourselves the hassle, trouble, fatigue if we’d chosen it immediately that first day, but then we would have been left wondering if we had made the right choice, pondering if we should have continued our search.




The house is located on a dead end street and has three levels. The basement/garage; the main floor with kitchen, living/dining (we would actually swap and put our dining room where the living room is and vice versa), three bedrooms, a bathroom and WC; and the “attic” which is finished with a cement floor, all the electricity and plumbing necessary and a nice staircase (not the kind you pull down from the ceiling). We would just need to add insulation and add paint and carpeting. The idea is to put a master bedroom upstairs with a full bath and a family room with TV, computers, printer/ scanner, toys and my sewing machine. Nursery school and elementary school are in walking distance, about 10 minutes away, and the house is about an hour outside of Paris. There are a couple of supermarkets close by, 10 minutes by car and we are close to the cutest little typical French towns called Ivry-la-Bataille, Anet, Ezy-sur-Eure and Houdan.


Today we made an offer and signed!!! And for under our budget! and Now we know for sure, and have no regrets! We just have to wait and see that our credit/loan comes through, so please keep you fingers crossed for us. With all the administrative and bureaucratic procedures we unfortunaly won’t be in the house till after Christmas, after the New Year. =( but on a positive note, our shipment from Brazil should be on a boat to Europe around the 3 of October, so that is good news. All our furniture will arrive before we enter the house which means we won’t have to scrounge around and borrow things from family and friends (crib, pots & pans, etc).

We are needless to say, VERY EXCITED about the prospects and I just know I won’t sleep tonight rearranging and decorating everything in my mind…! I’ll keep you all posted to let you know when “the house @ la Chaussée d’Ivry” will be ‘open for visitors’ !


Updated – our credit has come through and we close on December 22!


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7 Responses to Where’s My Nest?

  1. Catherine says:

    So glad you posted photos!!! It looks smaller than your house in Penedo…is it? Huge attic! What possibilities! What is the view from the bedroom that I will sleep in? Ha ha I am so happy for you all!

  2. Julia says:

    CONGRATULATIONS! I can’t wait for Chez Conrad to open!

  3. Jessica says:

    Just to live in France would be amazing…such a beautiful place…so much history….I’m in the States…

  4. Diane Hagan says:

    Congratulations Alexandra, it looks beautiful. Time will go quickly darlin’ before you know it Christmas will be over and you will be busily planning your move. In the meantime, enjoy those beautiful boys and the holidays.

  5. Jenny says:

    Cute! I love the French doors/tall windows in what will be your dining room! I know the feeling about the apprehension. I must have bought every decorating magazine published in the months leading up to purchasing a house! Then you just end up doing everything a bit different than you thought anyway because it’s a different house than what in the magazines. Never hurts to get ideas and daydream though!

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