The Blogging Process

I have really taken to this blogging business. It has been a few months since I began. I thought I would have trouble writing, searching for topics to reflect upon. But I am seeing that once you begin, you can’t stop. It kind of feels like talking to a friend. If you have an aquaintance that you rarely speak to, you are reluctant to recount details and simply nod, smile and respond “fine” when asked how you are. On the other hand, if you have a good friend that you talk to a lot, you always have more to tell her, since you told her so much already, even the small things interest her because she is a part of your life and your stories. That is how I feel when I write here. And some how the blog entries are related. You read the entry from a few weeks ago, so here is the follow-up. It kind of feels like your writing a letter, recounting events, giving news, sharing feelings.

I used to journal the old-fashioned way, with a fountain pen and a leather-bound journal. I journaled for years, from high school through design school. As my typing skills improved I became lazy with the task of actually writing out words, despite my beautiful and expensive journal and my name brand pen. Typing is great for me. Although no one will be familiar with my handwriting and the personality of my penmanship, typing allows my writing to keep up with my thinking. I can type as fast as I think but I can not write at the same speed. If you re-read my old journal entries, you will notice words missing, words I skipped because my hand couldn’t keep up and my brain had already moved on to new thoughts.

Though not yet an improvement to my posture, writing is an excellent discipline for my brain, and exercise for my fingers, ha ha. It makes me think, search, be challenged, take care that spelling is correct and punctuation is appropriate (though I am sure I still make mistakes). I actually go back to high school English classes and try to implement the skills taught to me in lessons on essay writing. More or less 5 paragraphs, a solid topic sentence, a last paragraph wrapping up the subject. A few years ago, I was working at my alma mater and it was an exceptional experience not only to re-connect with my former teachers, who had left quite an impression on me, but also to become their colleague and to work side by side with them.

It is true that in general, one’s blog is a soliloquy, recounting feelings and events. Some (and I’ll include mine in the bunch!) are individualistic, slightly self-centered and somewhat narcissistic. We write about ourselves, poor us, and think people will read it and give us sympathy! But it is also a wonderful method to share our experiences, joys, dilemmas and write in a style that is humble and modest. I started this blog for me, for my children. To give them insight into their mother’s perceptions, her joys of motherhood and day to day difficulties. I would be content even if no one but we three read it.

But I am so very pleased to know others read me! (Thank you my readers and comment makers!!) That is motivation to continue too. I have even met fellow bloggers, and made virtuelle friends through this activity which fascinates me. Writers and mothers in other parts of the world, across countries and continents, connected through common interests and similar commitments. The world appears smaller, I feel closer and more aware, less disconnected, less in my own self-centered world.


About Alexandra

wife, lover, mother, sister, daughter, friend, teacher, blogger, scrap-booker, cross-stitcher, photographer, designer, multi-lingual speaker, dual-citizenship holder, world traveler, dreamer... hopeful, happy, blessed
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3 Responses to The Blogging Process

  1. Catherine says:

    Of course you already know…I LOVE IT!!!

  2. Thanks Tata for being such a fan!

  3. Caity says:

    I agree that once you start blogging it’s really hard to stop. I’m glad that you enjoy it so much and I’m glad that I found your blog. 🙂

    I remember the 5-paragraph essay! Ah, it’s such a great writing tool. I should try to implement it more in my blogs. I think when I blog about topics and not about my everyday events I tend to use it whether I realize it or not. It’s such a natural flow.

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