Snack-time in Paris

Being French, le goûter (snack) is taken very seriously by children and adults alike. At 4pm sharp packs of cookies are torn open, cakes are cut, Nutella is spread, and pieces of fruit are distributed among hungry kids and grown-ups.

Snack-time can be eaten at home, as children walk home from school, in bakeries or seated at café tables. With the growing appearance of American pop culture (like TV series like Friends, Gilmore Girls, Grey’s Anatomy, etc ) and the arrival of the Starbucks franchise, snack-time has continued to be popular with adults as-well (on a more trendy level).

In our family snack-time is strictly followed and is often between 4pm and 4:30pm. It’s always good to take a break, a breather, to sit down and relax from whatever activity we’ve been doing, or before beginning something new if we are between activities. If we’re out and about, we’ll either pop into a bakery for un pain au chocolat (chocolate croissant) or a macarroon. Or we’ll stop at a café for un café crème or cold refreshment. If we’re home, we’ll have a coffee or hot chocolate, maybe a cookie and now with it being the season, I’ll have a みかん (clementine). We don’t have an oven in our apart-hotel, so for the moment I am unable to bake any goodies. For Thibault, snack is either an apple sauce or yogurt and a cookie, or a juice and a cookie. For Damien, snack time consists of a bottle of milk with an apple sauce mixed in.

Each country has their snack specialty. In Brazil, Thibault enjoyed the päo de queijo (cheese bread balls), from Japan he enjoys the chocolate koalas, from France he is always eager to taste a mini pain au chocolat and recently back from the USA, he has become a fan of animal crackers!

In France, breakfast can be skipped, lunch can be quick, dinner is often late, but le goûter is Never missed and Always on time!


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3 Responses to Snack-time in Paris

  1. Julia says:

    A great tradition! We all should slow down and take a break! Love the pictures!

  2. Catherine says:

    Sounds like it’s as traditional as the English tea time!

  3. Oh I love my snacks. I usually need a morning snack about 10:00 a.m. since I eat my breakfast so early. This time of year it is an apple with a handful of dry roasted soy nuts. I love Nutella, but would likely eat the entire jar if I had it around. Thanks for sharing a little slice of life.

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