Postponed Till Further Notice

It’s the beginning of the week. Good thing we had a relaxing Sunday, though it would be nice to start the week in a gentler manner. It should not be assumed that because we had a simple Sunday we are better equipped or ready for this agitated start of the week!

We’ve been calling our hotel “Home” now for over one month. Albeit nicely decorated, comfortable, and well situated, it is still a hotel. This past weekend was the Junior League Judo World Tournament. That means we’ve had the pleasure of having teenagers for each of the world teams staying in our hotel. I actually haven’t seen or heard them all that much; I probably crossed a few down in the lobby when I was doing the laundry, but that is it. Well, this past night, starting at 3:30 AM, some of these young adults decided it would be good fun to set off the fire alarm, three times! I take this kind of thing pretty seriously. This isn’t a joke. It is not a game to play. I heard the alarm and woke up Guillaume, we got the kids and ran down seven flights of stairs just to hear that it was kids playing. We took the elevator back up and the thing went off again. We took the kids and ran down again. The third time it went off they were able to stop it in the first 45 seconds. We were unable to fall back asleep after that. The alarm has gone off again twice today, once at around noon and again at 2PM. I am dreading tonight. I don’t think any action has been taken to punish these delinquents… it makes me so angry!

Damien has been feeling a bit under the weather lately. He had a fever for three days. I think it is because he is teething. Today, he hasn’t got a fever, but has developed a diaper rash and threw up his entire lunch, on me. (yes! and I have been up since 3:30AM!!) It could be because it was his first time tasting salmon, but still. I made an appointment with a new pediatrician for tomorrow afternoon at 3:30PM, just to get a second opinion and be safe. He was due for a visit anyway at nine months which was a good two weeks ago…

So, by this afternoon all I wanted to do was sleep. There is a pile of laundry to iron, a wash or two to do (the laundry room is at level -1 and I have to take two elevators to get there, and bringing the kids would just make so much extra to bring down there and the floor is really gross and there are no chairs, and because I’d never leave the kids alone in the room I can only do laundry when my hubby is here which is evenings and weekends…) and I still haven’t unpacked the last suitcase from our recent trip to the USA, but it was a beautiful day out and thus essential that we all get out and breath in some fresh autumn air. After making a stop at the pharmacy and doing a little grocery shopping for dinner tonight, I decided to take the boys back to the square we had come across several weeks ago located on rue Guynemer. It actually happens to be the garden of the Hôpital Corentin Celton. It is quite pretty with its arcades, small chapel and tree lined allies. There is lots of running room for Thibault and it is nice to see young children mingling and playing near to the elderly and hospital patients.


We had such a lovely afternoon. I learned from my mother and my paternal grandmother that despite all that we have to do, all the stresses and all the business that is going on in our lives, sometimes we just need to postpone our duties to the home so that we don’t make the mistake of postponing our duty to our kids. Especially with the boys so little. Everyone says it goes by so fast and it does. The work, the ironing, the daily stresses and that ‘to do’ list will still be there when we return, but these precious moments, actions, smiles and words, are ephemeral and will escape and be gone too soon. We’ll never regret spending time with our children, nor should we regret having left the mess do to so. I had laundry to do, dishes too, but instead I decided to go out and play this afternoon with my two sons! (and in the end, I still got everything done by evening’s end and before my hubby came home, except for the laundry of course, which is washing now…!)


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5 Responses to Postponed Till Further Notice

  1. Brenda says:


    I just have to tell you that I love reading your blog and I wish that I had your dedication to sit down and find the time to write in mine each day… I have found reading your blog a true inspiration these days. Keep it up!


  2. Catherine says:

    Excellent! Loved it….as usual!

  3. Caity says:

    Going out and playing sounds a lot more fun than the other duties you had to do. Beautiful photos, as well!

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