Day 2 : AEDM – Gift Tags

This morning, I got out of bed at 5 AM. I have my two wonderful sons to thank for this thrill! But it’s OK, I felt fabulous because today the sun was out and it’s the second day of Art Every Day Month! (and I was able to nap during the boys’ morning nap-time…)

In the USA, getting ready for the December holiday festivities always happens after Thanksgiving. Here in France, the holiday preperations begin after la Toussaint (All Saints Day – Nov. 1). So for today’s creation, I made 20 holiday gift tags!

We’ve accumulated quite a few magazines and catalogues in our month and a half in the apartment. Every week, complimentary magazines are available in the lobby, Elle, Parents, Marie-Claire, Elle à Table, and some business and automobile magazines. With the holiday season around the corner, shops and toy stores have also been distributing their holiday catalogues. I am enthusiastic about saving the environment, and try my best to make my contribution. I thought it would be appropriate to use the magazines to make ‘recycled’ holiday tags. I chose to use a children’s book catalogue. It was printed on some pretty heavy duty matte paper which was perfect for making rigid tags.


Along with showing the new books available this season, the publishers catalogue also featured some of the artwork found in these new books. It is these illustrations that I used as the background for the gift tags. It was a little tricky trying to make the most of each illustration, to get as many tags cut out from one drawing as possible, while trying to position the tag template just right to have a balanced design (no need to make a tag out of a wolf’s bottom!). In most cases, I was able to get two tags from each illustration, from one picture I got four! I then backed each tag with white construction paper – it will be the side used to write “To” and “From” on. Then I punched a hole and added a piece of ribbon to finish the tags. I suppose the tags could also be used as Christmas tree ornaments on a tree with a children’s book theme!


I am very happy with how the tags came out. It was a simple project. I was able to complete the project in two sittings (I started in the early morning and finished during afternoon nap-time), using materials that I had on hand. I like that what I made is also practical and that I will be able to use them this Christmas, though I can also use them for birthdays and on other occasions since they don’t have a Christmas theme.

Last night I flipped through some scrap-booking magazines before going to bed. When I first received the magazines one month ago, I browsed through them quickly, only glancing at the ideas, thinking to myself that I don’t have the materials or supplies to do any of the featured projects. Last night when I looked at the magazines for only the second time since receiving theme (generally I flip through the magazine over and over again, devouring the ideas!), I saw all the possibilities of projects that I CAN do even though I am in a hotel and without all my usual resources. I don’t know why I ever thought I couldn’t do any of the projects until we were settled into our home. This AEDM challenge is reminding me that even with little I CAN be creative everyday! I am so excited with the possibilities!

sources : Gallimard-Jeunesse 2009-2010 Catalogue


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4 Responses to Day 2 : AEDM – Gift Tags

  1. Catherine says:

    I love the tags, and I would definitely use them as Christmas tree decorations. I would also use them as bookmarks! (Save me some, please…..:)

  2. Albert Drouart says:

    Very cool!

  3. Alissa says:

    LOVE these!!!

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