Day 3 : AEDM – Chile

Today was another rainy day, but we still managed to go out twice! It is day three of Art Every Day Month. I love it! I feel like I am really getting things done, moving ahead in some of my projects.

This afternoon, the boys took their usual nap, which gave me almost 2 hours of me-time! I was able to do three scrap-booking pages for the album of our Trip to Chile taken last July.


The first page is always a bit of a challenge for me. I like working with the inside pages, when you have two pages together. You have more room and more options for design. The first page is just the first page, a preview of the story to come. I separated two photos from my collection to use which means they’ll be missing when I put the photos in chronological order in the album. So that is where the challenge comes in… What two (or more) photos do I use that won’t leave too much of a hole in the story later? I chose a view of the Andes taken while walking in Santiago. I have other street pictures so I don’t think it will leave too much of a gap. The second picture I chose is of an original Moai statue from Easter Island that we saw at the Archaeological Museum in Vine del Mar. I chose these two photos because from what we visited and saw, these two photos show typical symbols of Chile, thus making the first page a nice introduction to the album.

Once the first page is done, the album has begun. The first step has been taken and the creation of the rest of the pages for the album will I hope just flow. The next two pages are all of us arriving at the airport and meeting up with our friends with whom we traveled. The flight we took was Damien’s first ride in an airplane, so that was something to mark. And as storytelling goes, there is a photo of the boys in the rental car and our hotel.


Hopefully I can get this album finished while we are at the hotel. When we are settled I’ll have so much catching up to do on the boys’ albums!

Yesterday the new Marie-Claire Idéé came out and I bought it! It was so exciting to buy the magazine on the actual day of issue, and not have to wait for someone to make a trip to France to bring it back to me (like I had to do for three years while in Brazil).


It is not their best issue. I am actually a little disappointed with it, but there is always some good little idea to pull from a project and apply elsewhere. It is still a nice reference to have. Who knows, maybe in three months I’ll pull it out and find a whole bunch of inspiration that I didn’t notice the first time around… The best article is the spread on the contest the magazine does each year. This year the theme was ‘Maritime’ and the winners had their work photographed. My favorite is the drawstring bag in the form of a fish. The other good news announced in this issue is about the Salon Créations & Savoir Faire expo coming up later this month. It will be right around the corner from where we are. I am so excited that I’ll get to attend this year! I am sure to find lots of inspiration and motivation!


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3 Responses to Day 3 : AEDM – Chile

  1. Catherine says:

    You know all this crafting activity tires me…I don’t even have to do it…I just read it and it tires me….or I watch it on TV and I’m tired…I’m overwhelmed! I have no talent or interest in crafting, yet I always enjoy your blogs!

    • I remember you telling me this when you came to visit us! I’m sorry I am making you so tired – maybe you shouldn’t read my blog for a few days…. because the whole month I will be *creating*!! get some rest Tata!

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