Day 5 : AEDM – Keys

I am really excited about my creation for today, day four of Art Every Day Month. The idea actually came to me from the latest Marie-Claire Idées magazine. Remember how I went on two days ago about there not being a lot of good ideas in it? Well, I lied! On page 24, they are selling this little counted cross-stitch kit.


I thought the kit was cute, I love little pouches and purses. I like the color scheme too and the tassel hanging off the zipper. I like the idea of the keys, and the metaphors for keys – key to my heart, your education is a key and upon graduation you just have to find the right locks that fit your keys, etc. But I am not a fan of the keys they chose. I think they look a little boring and repetitive. And there are so many prettier keys out there, antique keys that are more ornate and have interesting designs.

So I decided to design my own counted cross-stitch grid with more dainty keys!

Keys Chart

It is still a work in progress. The keys are in hues of grey. I’d eventually like to see what the design would look like in say, hues of blue, or if I want to have each key be a different color, or if that would be too much, or if I should add more keys, or position them differently. Maybe I’ll do a whole series of key pouches! Eventually this could be done on different colored aida cloth or linen in which case the keys could perhaps stay in grey… So I still have some work to do! But it is a start. I also have to see about how to finish it into a purse or pouch. The design measures 22 x 18 cm (8.64 x 7.00 inches), so a pouch would be slightly bigger with seams and the zipper…
If anyone download a free copy of the design and symbol chart, just let me know in the comments.

This AEDM challenge has motivated me to pick up the counter cross-stitch design that I began back in 2006!! I’ve been working on it a bit every evening. I will post pictures tomorrow to show my progress!


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6 Responses to Day 5 : AEDM – Keys

  1. Catherine says:

    You are just too talented!

  2. Chip Thornton says:


  3. leah says:

    what a great design! i look forward to seeing the finished product!

  4. Susan says:

    I LOVE the keys!! I am working on projects for my daughters room and this wopuld be a great project to make and frame!! Can I get a copy of the pattern?? THANK YOU!!! I just happened upon your blog as I was googling cross stitch patterns and I LOVE your site!
    Susan in Seattle

  5. Rita says:

    I just love this chart!! I was looking for a nice card to stitch for my parents new house.
    Can I get a copy of this chart?
    Thank you so much.
    Kind regards, Rita

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