Day 6 : AEDN – Welcome Home, Almost

It’s been almost a week since I began the Art Every Day Month challenge. Now I know it is only the first week, it is still the beginning of the month, but I like the discipline the challenge is requiring of me, the work routine that has been established. I hope I can continue do the challenge for the whole month, we’ll see what happens on the weekend…

I generally wake up around 6 AM with my hubby. We have breakfast together, then he gets ready and leaves for work. If I am lucky, the boys won’t wake up till 7:30 which will give me some ‘creative’ time. If they do wake up before then, that is ok too, because it just means they’ll have a morning nap in addition to their afternoon nap. Nap-time in the afternoon usually happens after lunch and varies between one hour to one and a half hours, sometimes, two hours. On occasion I’ll nap too! for about 45 minutes which will still give me some time for me.

This challenge has motivated me to pick up the cross-stitch I mentioned last week. I began it exactly three years ago while we were transitioning into our new life in Brazil. We were also in a hotel, waiting to move into our apartment, and I started this monochrome design. I think I got sick of using just one color, and shortly after starting it we did move into our apartment which meant I had more resources for other creative outlets, i.e. my sewing machine, my scrap-booking, and not to mention setting up house. So I didn’t work on this project for three years!

Before leaving Brazil, I came across the ‘work-in-progress’ in my craft closet and thought “wow, I should finish this”. I tried, but ran out of thread. With a new reason, I put it back in the closet. I decided to put it in my carry-on when we were leaving Brazil in the hope that maybe I could work on it in our new hotel. We’ve been here a month and a half and until last week when I pulled it out last Thursday to take a picture of it I hadn’t even looked at it. But on discovering that this month was AEDM, I thought to myself, I really must finish it, this is getting ridiculous, I don’t have any excuses anymore!

The design comes from a French magazine called De Fil En Aiguille. The words read “Bienvenue Chez Les Conrad” (Welcome to the Conrads). The original design said ‘Welcome to My House’ which I found a little self-centered and not very fitting since we were a couple, so I changed the chart which required designing new letters while still remaining faithful to the original style. This past week I have been working on it a little each evening. I finished the foliage, the border and the ‘Z’ of chez and now just need to add the stems to the leaves. This is the photo from last week:


This is the photo taken today, one week later.


I had originally started this project so that we could hang it in our apartment, our first as a newlywed couple. I am positive that I can finish it in time for our move into the first house we have owned as a family!

Update (@ 11PM) : I have removed the link to the French cross-stitch magazine De Fil En Aiguille, because I have just learned that the magazine shall no longer be published due to the recession (Oct.22)


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4 Responses to Day 6 : AEDN – Welcome Home, Almost

  1. Catherine says:

    Very Nice!!! Wish I had some of your creative talent!

  2. Caity says:

    Wow! That is beautiful!! 😀

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