Day 7 : AEDN – Scrapbooking continued…

Today my hubby had a kart racing competition so my Saturday was the routine of a usual weekday. This morning we all woke up at the usual time. Since it is Saturday though, I decided to take the boys to the Saturday Marché to buy fruits and veggies, and something for lunch. We spent the whole morning out, running our errands, walking through the 15ème and came home in time for lunch. As usual, the boys went down for their nap after lunch and I was able to get a lot of work done! (no, no not the ironing though, which was also on my list of things ‘to do’, tomorrow maybe?)

For this seventh day of Art Every Day Month I worked on the Chile scrapbook album, which I actually started last Tuesday. Making the album was a bit of a challenge because I had about 200 photos and not enough pages! SO I had to make a selection of the very best photos and moments from our trip. You’ll see that most of the pages have a lot of photos on them, too many almost which I generally try to avoid. Usually you just want a few photos on the page to recall the memory and give the setting of the moment. I was able to get all the page lay-outs done, photos cropped and affixed to the pages in the right order! But I haven’t put any embellishments, titles or journaling anywhere yet. I actually hesitate in doing this next step for several reasons. First, I don’t have my usual title making tools (abc stickers, pens, etc) and am afraid I will ‘mess-up’ if I just write in titles. Second, I don’t have all the ‘scraps’ I collected from our trip (ticket stubs, maps, stickers, pamphlets, stamps, labels, postcards, etc). And Third, if I start adding journal entries without the rest of the stuff, I might regret how I did the lay-out and not have left ‘enough’ space for ‘everything that is in the move and thus inaccessible’. I don’t want the album to look like I rushed to get it done.

Ah! the dilemmas of being a creative stay-at-home-mom in the transition of a move. Life is just so tough! I know you have sympathy for me! I may just have to be patient with this project and wait till we are settled to properly and tastefully complete it.

Here are just a few of the pages (too many to photograph all of them) that I like the best; you can see they are missing ‘something’… (walking in Santiago, the Fish Market, Cousino Macul Vineyard, La Parva – Andes, Pablo Neruda’s home)



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One Response to Day 7 : AEDN – Scrapbooking continued…

  1. Caity says:

    Wow the scrapbook is looking awesome!

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