Day 12 : AEDN – Travel

Why do we go on trips? From where does the desire to go elsewhere come from?

This past Tuesday, when I wrote a sorry excuse of a blog post, it was because I spent the afternoon at the Maison du Culture du Japon seeing a phenomenal photography exhibit entitled “Voyages”. Not writing about the exhibit right away has allowed me to think about what I saw and reflect on the impression it left. So for this twelfth day of Art Every Day Month, these are my musings.

expo main Voyages mcjp

I love to travel and the feelings of excitement and disorientation associated with the journey. To voyage and discover new horizons and people and cultures. To enhance my senses with new tastes, sounds, and sites. To build my tolerance and capacity for understanding, improve my perceptions, reduce wrong impressions. To see places I have learned about, dreamt about. To speak new words and read new letters. To learn, feel, exchange and experience. Travel is an unsatisfiable thirst for me that will never be quenched. I want to travel close by and far far away. I want to travel to places I have already been to, and new places I have yet to see.

It is such a thrill to be able to once again in a city so rich with culture and to be able to attend exhibits to enhance our creative skills. This exhibit appealed to me on several levels. First, it has to do with Japan, Second it has to do with Travel, and last, in is photography! I took the boys with me and Thibault enjoyed pointing out all the bikes, cars and boats and trains in the pictures. He also loved the video “small metal gods ” by Hiraki Sawa featuring the imaginary travel of small toy airplanes flying across the bathroom or bedroom…

expo Voyages mcjp

The six photographers have nothing in common except for the theme that brings them together. Each photographer had a different approach to travel and different visions of the landscapes or cityscapes they photographed. Seeing this exhibit allowed me to reflect on what it is we seek from our travels and what pushes us to go. It also allowed me to realize that different people will see the same sites and cities and tourist attractions differently because our senses will interpret what we see and feel differently from the person standing right next to us. And it reminded me that not all people see the importance of traveling or the benefits it brings, the self-improvement (tolerance, awareness, open-mindedness) it creates and the humility (we are not the best thing out there, other ways to do things do exist and may even be better than what we know) it imposes. The exhibit makes me want to continue to travel, and to share this desire with my kids – to see where our travel path will take us and what unknown places we will discover around the corner. The photographs motivate me to continue to take travel photos and document my trips, so as to mark what I have seen, where I have been, what my impressions where and how I interpreted what I saw…

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” – Henry Miller


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