19 AEDM : Adding Personality

We’re staying in an apart/ hotel by the name Residence Adagio. And for the most part, this name has reflected our stay; we have been having a pretty carefree time, in slow tempo. Our schedule is pretty relaxed. We usually have a morning outing – to the library, an exhibit, or to grocery shop and run errands. We come home for lunch, the boys have a nap (sometimes me too!) and then in the afternoon we’ll try to go to a park and have our snack there. Whatever we don’t get done today, we just put off till tomorrow! We are in a two bedroom apartment on the top (red arrow) floor with a lovely view of the Effiel Tower (who’s celebrating her 120th birthday!)

It makes exactly two months that we’ve been back in Paris and living in the hotel. I was looking around the apartment today and noticed that we seem to really have taken over the apartment and made it ours. It’s important to make where you are staying, living, even if temporary, feel like home. That the place reflects your personality, your lifestyle.

For this nineteenth day of Art Every Day Month, this post is the story of ‘before and after the Alexandra make-over’! These pictures are from the hotel’s website and show the original rooms :

I’d like to think we have added some sunshine to the apartment, a sense of home, created our sanctuary. Here is how my creative personality has rubbed off, with the help from the boys’ toys, my husband’s fondness for organization, and a few gifts from family and friends :

The closing for our future house takes place on the 19 of December, when we sign the final papers and get the keys! That’s in one month! We may then do a bit of fixing up before all our furniture gets moved in, so I am thinking by mid-January we should be settled as much as we can before we finish the dormers. Still a month or more to go in the hotel. Ugh! I am getting anxious to get into the house and start adding my personal touch with the help of the boys and my husband of course! I’m sick of being ‘cooped up’ here and of having only one frying pan to cook for a family of four and no oven! Especially with all the holiday spreads in the December magazines – all those decorating tips and delicious recipes! But at-least for Christmas, we’ll be with my husband’s family in Toulouse. It would be absolutely dreadful to have to spend the holidays in the hotel.

But I do love being in Paris and taking in all the exhibits, and outings, readings at the American Library, trips to the local (French) library, going to the park, taking the bus, walking to buy bread, walking to buy cheese, walking to buy groceries. It is nice to not have to drive everywhere! Today the Salon Créations & Savoir Faire expo opened. I am going to go tomorrow night to see all the goodies, maybe make a wish list for my hubby for this holiday season!


About Alexandra

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