20 AEDM : Ideas for my Desires

Yesterday the Salon Créations & Savoir-faire trunk show took off. For this twentieth day of Art Every Day Month, I got to go! It was so exciting to have 18 205 m² (193.750 ft²) of space dedicated to crafts and needlework hobbies! The vendors were organized into four different categories – Thread & Needles, Beads & Accessories, Papers & Colors, and Decoration & Art of Living. There where over a hundred vendors presenting their ideas and selling their merchandise. It was so neat to have everything grouped together under one roof and to discover shops that I would otherwise never know about. Besides there being vendors from Paris, there were also some from the south of France as well as the north, and vendors from Belgium, England and Japan! It was true ‘one stop’ shopping with new ideas and a few classics and a wealth of resources and some preview merchandise not yet available to the general public.. I bought some scrap booking supplies from Azza, a cross-stitch kit from Points de Repère, and sewing notions from Entrée des Fournisseurs. The magazine Marie Claire Idées was also present and what was really neat were their displays of items they have featured in their magazine. It was great to see these projects up close, in ‘real life’ as opposed to just photos in the magazine. I also went home with this really cool bag as a souvenir!

The Boys were wonderful sports following me around at the expo. Damien was in the BabyBjorn and slept for most of the time and Thibault happily sat in the stroller, eating cookies (ok so I used a little bribery!). After an hour and a half, they still looked pretty happy! And afterwards we went to the park so they could run and stretch.

Of the 100 vendors presenting, here are some pictures of some ideas which I liked that I will archive for when I am settled!

These stuffed toys are so cute !

This is a nice way to display the origami cranes as opposed to stringing them on top of one another as is the custom, though I would put five cranes because four is an unlucky number in Japan…

I love the idea of cross-stitching my sons’ hand prints, such a precious idea…

This is a really cute tablecloth to make for a birthday or bridal party…

I like that these hands could symbolize so much, handwork, helping hands, holding hands, shaking hands…

It was an awesome afternoon, surrounded by so much inspiration and creativity and all those sewing and craft supplies! The other women at the expo were also very friendly, some even chatted with me (obviously they weren’t from Paris) and it was great to see so many people with similar interests. To use our imaginations and our creativity, our hands and techniques to create priceless pieces. It was a treat to get to see all that exists out there in the field. I really had a good time. I want to savour all that I saw and I can’t wait to actually create all my favorite ideas!

(Tomorrow morning we leave for Toulouse for the weekend. It’s a six hour drive, so I’ll have plenty of time on the way down and back to cross-stitch! I am unsure if I will be able to post while I am away, we’ll see….)

Resources – My preferred Vendors

Madame La Fée
Le Bonheur des Dames
Points de Repère

Sewing Notions
Dame de Kit
Entrée des Fournisseurs
La Cousierie Creative

Fuji Quilt

Doudous (stuffed toys)
La Sardine
Handbag & Hat Patterns
Mlle. Kou

Scrapbooking / Papers
Adeline Klam
Azza Scrapbooking
Le Temple du Scrap

Books & Magazines
Mango Editions
Marie Claire Idées


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3 Responses to 20 AEDM : Ideas for my Desires

  1. Kara says:

    I’m certain you only post these things to make me jealous! Hope you swiped two of those Marie Claire Bags.

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