Day 21 AEDM : Posting While Abscent

This weekend we are in Toulouse, or more specifically, St. Jean at the home of my in-laws. We took off this morning at 6:30 AM and arrived in time for lunch. It is nice to be with family again. The boys were pretty good on the drive down; they slept for the first two hours, read and played for the second set of two hours and got antsy for the last two hours…

I was quite excited about the roadtrip because it meant that I would get about six hours to cross-stitch, almost uninterrupted. I was able to make some progress on my “leaves” embroidery project.

It is the first time that I am away from home while trying to blog daily. I thought I would try out the version 2 WordPress application for Iphone. It is a bit tricky to master, but I like that I can continue to be in touch with everyone. A couple of years ago when I first discovered Twitter, for example, I thought to myself why would I want people to know what I was doing at any given time. But since I have been tweeting, I see that it is a wonderful way to give news, in a non-invasive way for those who are seeking news. I am not overwhelming the Inbox, or hiding in hibernation. I think it is a great way to sort of check-in for those friends and family members who also want to check-in.

So today was a good day. We had a nice drive south. The weather was sunny and around 20°C (68 ºF). It is nice to be with family, for the boys to bond with their paternal grandparents and play with their cousines. And I still got to blog and be creative for this twenty-first day of Art Every Day Month!

I hope I’ll be able to post tomorrow too. We’ll see how the WordPress Iphone application performs and if this post is successfully published…


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wife, lover, mother, sister, daughter, friend, teacher, blogger, scrap-booker, cross-stitcher, photographer, designer, multi-lingual speaker, dual-citizenship holder, world traveler, dreamer... hopeful, happy, blessed
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