Day 22 AEDM : The Pink City

Today was an emotional day. Two years ago, I was spending Christmas with my husband and son in the home of my in-laws when I got the news that my grandmother had cancer. Exactly two years later, it was again, surronded by my family and my parents-in-law that I received the news that my grandmother had passed. A life gone too soon, a life full of successes and accomplishments, of memories and precious moments, a life still filled with dreams to come true…

But we are here in Toulouse to celebrate. To fête the birthday of my father-in-law. It was a wonderful Sunday in the company of family. A day to celebrate Life, make Memories, and Savour the Precious Moments. It was a day filled with warmth, sharing, and togetherness. I know my grandmother would be happy to know that we were enjoying being in the company of family, celebrating life. I pray now for my mother and my aunts, and especially for my grandfather who will have an even more difficult hurdle – to be the one ‘left behind’. Though my grandmother has departed she is still a daily part of our lives and will forever continue to be present. Dearest Grandmama, “to live in hearts we leave behind is not to die”. Campbell

Today is the twenty-second day of Art Every Day Month. I did not do anything creative today, so I will share with you three pictures of Toulouse from my archives that were taken in May 2005 when I first came to “La Ville Rose”.

La Place du Capitole

Cafés à la Place St. Georges

Eglise des Jacobins

I did not use the WordPress Iphone application to write my post tonight because I was unhappy with how long it took for yesterday’s post to appear. Perhaps it is because I am not savy enough to use the application to it’s full potential. I think it is just easier to use a regular computer with a common keyboard when there is so much to say and share.

Tomorrow we will return to Paris in the early afternoon, the weekend will thus last a day more! And I get six more hours dedicated to cross-stitching! I hope the boys will enjoy the ride as much as me!


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