Day 26 AEDM – Thanksgiving Tree

Happy Thanksgiving! This morning we are on a roll! By 8AM we have already created something for this twenty-sixth day of Art Every Day Month
Thibault helped me by tracing his hand, once again, to make a tree, and I cut out leaves from paper that he colored and wrote things for which we are thankful. (since taking the picture, I also added nap-times!)

Yesterday I skipped AEDM. I just didn’t have it in me. It is the first time I missed a day this whole month. We’re reaching the end of the month of creativity. I am not unhappy with what I have done, but I am not overly excited either. There were a lot of days where I stretched the creativity a little too much and just sought inspiration. I think I will do better next year when we are settled and I have all my resources at hand. I did enjoy the project though, and it certainly did motivate me to ‘do some thing’ while in the hotel. So it was an overall positive experience, I just don’t think I pushed the limits of my potential, especially when I see what the others created!

Today we are off to the American Library for the “Mother Goose lap-sit”, which is what they call their story-time for 1 to 3 year olds. We did it for the first time last week and both Thibault and Damien had a really good time. I think it is important that by being in Paris, we take advantage of all the cultural heritage events available to us – it is important for our family that we belong to the American and Brazilian communities here in Paris, it is part of all of our identities… plus, it seems appropriate that for the American holiday of Thanksgiving, we do something with the American community, in English!

Yesterday we tried going to the public library in the 15ème to return our books, some of which are overdue, and the library was closed for a strike! But that is normal for France, no one is ever happy so of course they would close the one day of the week when the children’s section is open all day; usually it only opens for two hours (4pm-6pm) in the late afternoon during the rest of the week… yes! certainly a reason to strike, right, makes sense… doesn’t it…? NO!!!

I think today will be a good day. I am hopeful. The weather is already nice, slightly sunny, not too many clouds (yesterday it poured) and we’ll take the bus to the library, and drive behind the Eiffel Tower, so that will be fun for all of us!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Tell the people who mean something to you that you love them, before it could be too late!


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2 Responses to Day 26 AEDM – Thanksgiving Tree

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  2. leah says:

    i love what you’ve created here with this tree!!

    try not to be hard on yourself. you’ve done a lot of creating and i think that’s amazing!! xox

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