Day 27 AEDM – Establishing a Plan

Things could be worse. I feel guilty complaining. Especially the day after Thanksgiving. We are all healthy. We are all happy. We’ve been very lucky and awfully blessed. We’ve had remarkable experiences. We are loved. We have family, friends – strong relationships and connections. We have recently bought a house, a car. We live in Paris. Why oh why am I complaining then?

I am just frustrated, and I think the boys are too. They seems to be getting a bit bored with their same old toys, like all ten of them that we brought in our suitcases. Should we buy more after already more than two months in the hotel? or do we stick it out till Christmas? but there is a whole other month to go. Should I feel guilty (after being so adamant that TV is so bad for my little ones) that I let Thibault watch Curious George, Tchoupi, Mimi la Souris, and Oui-Oui on YouTube, in the morning when he wakes up (while I take my shower), before lunch (while I prepare lunch), and during that half hour, between 6pm and 6:30 when I start prepping dinner, doing the days dishes while waiting for Papa to come home…

I think the living in the hotel is wearing on us. We are anxious to be settled, organized, home. We want to be able to cook in a kitchen that has an oven, has more than one skillet, and is larger than a hallway. We want our own beds and our own pillows because our necks/shoulders/backs are really starting to ache. The boys want their own space, their familiar toys, to run in the yard. We want to feel settled, established, rooted.

Today I did not feel like going out. At all. But staying in wasn’t an option. If the boys don’t go out in the morning before lunch and in the afternoon after nap-time, they get antsy and whiney and temper-tantrum-y. It is just not a good idea to stay cooped up with them. After a while I worked up some motivation and we were out the door by 9:30AM. That is pretty good for us! Especially when we had no particular place to go. But it was sunny out, albeit very windy, a good day to be out and about. We walked through our usual garden at 51 rue Guynemer and headed to Corentin Celton which is the center of Issy-les-Moulineaux. On our agenda, errands and grocery shopping. We stopped by the bank, went to the bakery, tackled grocery shopping. Great! it wasn’t even 11AM yet, but we were starting to get cold. I popped into a little shop to buy some holiday wrapping paper, some little stocking stuffers for a care package I will soon be sending (the minute I find the right box of appropriate size) and some ornaments for the Advent calendar.

We didn’t really do anything fun/exciting/new today and so I can’t help but feel a little let down. Sure, we have to keep some days to do the every day things, but I generally like to spice it up a bit.

Next week my husband will be away for business, so I thought I would save the fun things for next week, since my evenings will be lonely in addition to some of my days (I still don’t have that many adult conversations), I might as well fill my days to the max. right.

The Marché du Noël has begun on the Champs Elysées, so I would like to take the boys. I also would like to head over to the CentQuatre and take the boys to the Maison des Petits. Wednesday, we’ll attempt to go to the French public library again and Thursday we’ll return to the American Library for the English story-time.

Somehow I feel that if I write these things down, these wishes and desires of things I’d like to do, I may be more inclined to actually do them! We did get a week pass for the American Library (as a private institution they charge you membership) so if it does rain, or if that other library is again closed, we can just pop into the good ole American, friendly faces, welcoming smiles Library.

Today is the twenty-seventh day of Art Every Day Month. Thibault helped me again to create a little something. It’s a card for someone very special. Thibault did the coloring, and I did the folding and added some ribbon and a scalloped edge. I think it turned out pretty well considering that we haven’t many resources and I am running out of ideas and motivation for the challenge. Good thing there are only three more days to go.

Tomorrow we’re going to Rouen and Sunday to visit with family and friends near Reims. I should be able to cross-stitch in the car, so hopefully I will make headway on my leaves sampler. It should be a good busy weekend of good times which will leave us with little time to think of our woes! Tonight, we’re going out for pizza, so that is a sure pick-me-up! TGIF! Have a good weekend!

Update : I have just learned that the cultural strikes that took place here in Paris this past week may continue into this coming week… shoot! I guess I’ll have to double check everything before we head out…


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One Response to Day 27 AEDM – Establishing a Plan

  1. Caity says:

    I don’t blame you for being restless in the hotel. I would feel the same way. I would want to be getting settled somewhere. Don’t feel bad. I think you are doing a fantastic job. Plus, those shows on YouTube are great! I’d sit and watch them. Haha!

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