Final Day AEDM : Still Corresponding

Yesterday I came home and wanted to write my grandmother a letter. I started formulated phrases, putting together sentences in my mind of what I wanted to say, share about my day and ideas of projects for our new house. I was busy filing magazine clippings and then it hit me all of a sudden. I would never write the letter. She would never receive it. How could I forget something like that?

I didn’t post for the past two days. I’ve broken the chain of daily blog entries and didn’t create anything for the challenge either.

As I logged onto my dashboard today for this post-du-jour, I noticed there was an entry in my draft folder. It was one that I started way back when I first started the blog. Just a passing thought really, there are only a couple of sentences. No title even. I just typed that I feel that when I write a post I actually feel like I could be writing a letter to my grandmother…

So today that is what I will do. I will write the letter I had in my mind last evening. I will post it down here and hope she can read it up there. And since this is the last day of the Art Every Day Month challenge, and this is suppose to be a letter, and because I forgot to take pictures of the two cards Thibault and I made this morning before we posted them this afternoon, here are some hand-made cards I have made over the past three years… (my grandmother was the recipient actually of several of these cards…)

Paris, le 30 novembre, 2009
Dear Grandmama,

It is getting colder in Paris now. A colder we are not quite used to despite our being back here for two month now. And it is not even winter yet! Last night it was 7°C. The sky is overcast, the wind blows, there is that smell in the air, one we haven’t smelled in so long! It is nice to have seasons again though, and not have 12 months of just summer.

For the past two weeks I have been busy busy riping out decorating ideas from magazines for our new house. I have so many ideas! We’ll see which ones I actually complete and which one I will later change my mind about. We close on the 19 of December and will finally have the keys. I can’t wait! I am so anxious to move in, get settle and add my personal touch! Remember the decorating binder I began way back in 2001. I wonder if I will still like the ideas in it when I unpack it from all our stuff that is currently in storage! It’ll be neat to see how the decorating trends have changed, evolved!

We won’t try to do it all before Christmas though. For the holidays we will go to Toulouse and spend it with Guillaume’s family. We will probably be really settled by mid January. That gives us some time to do a little cleaning, polishing and painting in addition to the unpacking…

For now the main rooms we need to do/ re-do are the living/dining which needs paint on the walls (what color to choose!?), the kitchen needs cupboards, counter, etc (the color in there is green which we would like to keep. It is a pretty green, a bit brighter than an olive green and I think I would like a modern twist on a French country kitchen…) and then we would like to finish the upstairs dormers into a family room and master bedroom/bath. We are overwhelmed with the choices and possibilities. What is nice is that there is a lot of natural light and lots of space. I’d like the colors to be mostly neutrals with touches of bright colors. I find neutrals to be appeasing, but it is a room where the kids will be and where we will hang out as a family, so touches of red, yellow and green might be nice. I’d like a corner area to be just for the kids. I’d love to find a big blackboard to hang on the wall for them like the one we used to play with when we went to visit. And, I hope that we can put in a little sewing nook for me right at the top of the stairs; there is a pretty nice sized landing. I wish I could show you my ideas – imagine something like Gail’s sewing room, but on a smaller scale. I think it’ll be so great to have a space where we can all be together, but each doing our hobby. Guillaume can watch a game on TV, the boys can play with their toys and I can either sew or scrap.

I know we won’t be able to get it all fixed up right away and that it will take time and work. But is lots of fun planning! Eventually, come spring we’ll have the yard to fix up, the fence to repair and “all that work” that comes with home-owning. I hope Maman can come and take a look at the garden and give us advice about what to plant where. I’d love a patch for herbs and things. and you know I have no green thumb!

The boys are doing well. They are napping right now which is how come I can write to you! Our days are filled with outings to the park, bus rides to art exhibits or the American or French libraries, and running errands. The two of them play more and more together now, mostly with cars and are learning how to share and take turns, though sometimes they also bother each other! Sharing a room at the hotel has showed me that sharing a room for these two at home is out of the question! For after noon nap time the two need to be separated, otherwise they clown around the whole time! Guess that is inevitable though. Damien’s character and personality are forming; he is showing more signs of anger when he has something taken away and tests us when we say NO; he has a HUGE grin on his face when he does something naughty! He is now crawling on all four and has started pulling himself up on the couch. Thibault is also well. His imagination is developing and he uses it to play now – making his Little People talk and making car sounds. This afternoon he used pillows, his quilt from Suzi and the empty boxes of Pampers diapers to make a car! And he dreams more and talks out in his sleep, I think he is dreaming of a bike! He is taking more interest in Christmas, and seems to really listen when we explain who Santa is and what he does! Tomorrow is Dec. 1st so I have the advent calendar all set to go. This year I have two! One is your classic cardboard one with the little doors you open, and the other one is the kind that has little pockets on it. I filled it with little wooden ornaments like the ones Grandpapa had given to Albert one year. I think this year it’ll be fun to see how Thibault reacts in comparison to last year, now that he is a little older… We won’t have a tree ourselves, too complicated to put one up in the hotel, so we won’t really decorate (though I did get those window stickers from the ‘specialty’ store when I was there in Oct.!) but that is why it’ll be nice to be with Guillaume’s parents and family. For sure they’ll have the tree up and the crèche out!

Christmas is defiantly in the air now. Decorations are coming up all over the city. A couple weeks ago I brought the boys to see the shop windows at the Galeries Lafayette department store. Thibault really liked seeing the mechanical bears dance and Damien liked all the glitter! All the holiday magazines have come out too with spreads on decorating and recipes and I wish we could be in our home for the holidays, but it will be too rushed to try to fit it all in. Maybe next year we can have Christmas at the Conrad’s and have the family come over. We’ll see. Have your neighbors put up their decorations yet. What have they added new this year?

Guillaume is also doing well. He is really enjoying his colleagues and new job which is more specialized in tire dynamics. He is actually away this week on business test-driving some cars and their tires in the south…

And I am still as happy as ever to be back in Paris and take in all the sights. I still have to pinch myself sometimes with the beauty of the city and all the memories each place evokes… I’ve been to a handful of exhibits and that is so great to be able to do once again. Yesterday we were driving along the seine at night and it was just so beautiful to see the building, monuments, lit for the night, some with Christmas decorations and to see it all reflected in the water, it is just so breathtaking. I will never tire or bore of this city! It IS the most beautiful city in the world, and I have seen some of the world! So believe when I say it is so pretty!

The boys are waking so I am going to cut this short. Maybe if we go out for a walk to the park later I can drop this in the mailbox on the way and post it the same day it was written on! Wouldn’t that be neat! And rare, ha ha!

We’re thinking of you both and keeping you in our prayers. Sending much much love your way,

Alexandra et Famille

Does anyone think I should send the letter to my Grandfather instead….? addressing it to him, of course. I usually wrote to my grandmother though sometimes I would address the letter to both of them – is it too weird to send a letter that was written for one person to another person?


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3 Responses to Final Day AEDM : Still Corresponding

  1. leah says:

    I think it would be lovely to send it to your Grandfather. But either way, what a lovely letter. Thank you for joining in Art Every Day Month!

  2. I’m sure your grandfather would love to hear from you. I’m sure he is missing your grandmother. Your letter provides wonderful details that will help him to feel close to your life. Keep writing and publishing your letters on your blog. There are many people including your grandmother’s best friend and your mum who will love to read them. You will also love looking back on them in the months and years to come. Lastly, I enjoy reading them so please, keep them coming!

  3. Oh, I can’t wait to see your new home and the process of making it your own. I know you will feel so good when you finally get in.

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