Easing In, Gently

Like many, I am not a huge fan of Mondays. As I have said before, Mondays shouldn’t be so aggravating, given that we have spent a weekend relaxing and unwinding. But perhaps we are not given the chance to truely relax during the weekend, it being only two days long…

We were lucky and had a relaxing weekend, running a few errands yesterday, doing some shopping and spending Sunday with family in Valenciennes. I feel like I am ready to tackle the week, to get things done. Though I haven’t set any plans for tomorrow…

Last week we had a super Monday, and thus a very good week because we eased in gently. I wish every Monday went as smoothly…

On Mondays in Paris, museums, libraries, and shops are often closed so besides grocery shopping there is not much else to do. Going to the park with the boys is always a possibility, but with the rain and oh-so-cold weather we’re having it is not always an option.

Last Sunday I received an email from my dad suggesting a flower exhibit ‘that looked interesting’. It was a special show only lasting four days. I decided that this exhibit would be perfert for our first day of the week, and thought that we would go for my mother, to see what she wouldn’t be able to see. My mother lives in the USA and this exhibit was in Paris making it very unlikely that my mother could jet-set over to see it.

My mother teaches ikebana and five year ago openned her flower shop, Ikebana Flower. She understands flowers and works with their natural essence and character combined with her artistic ability to create beautiful ikebana arrangements. So this post is for her…

The name of the exhibit was Tempête de Neige (snow storm) and was done by the Société Nationale d’Horticulture de France and was held in their showroom on the rue Grennelle in the 7eme arrondissment. The exhibit lasted only four days from the 4 to the 7 of December.

The exhibit was made up of floral arrangements set up into three parts with ongoing flower arrangement demonstrations throughout the four days. The arrangements told the story of a winter storm. First the wind blows creating a small blizzard, then there may be a bit of a warm spell, fooling us all and then all the snow falls and everything is covered in white pure soft snow. Every bit of an arrangement was created with leaves and/or flowers. Some where clearly ikebana arrangements while others were simply floral arrangements… Many were poetic, beautiful, and the exhibit transported us on a fairytale journey into a winter wonderland. With the hussle and bussle of the holidays, deadlines to meet and schedules to keep, walking through this exhibit was very therapeutic! In keeping with the nature theme, did you notice that  I have added falling snow to the blog (scroll to the top0 to help us get into the winter spirit…

I went with my two boys, of course! They had a good time too. Damien as usual just liked being out and getting all the attention for his beautiful smiles and Thibault really liked looking at the flowers and snowballs… Everyone at the exhibit was very friendly and welcoming to all of us which was a nice change from the usual grumpiness one can encounter here in Paris. Perhaps it was the peace, beauty and calming spirit of the arrangements, a bit of nature in the start of a cold winter, that warmed our hearts. A few of the member of SNHF found that Thibault behaved so well, they gave him a ball ornament with a flower inside to take home! I wish every Monday could be so peaceful! We’ll see how tomorrow and the following days go…

Sorry I couldn’t take better photos, zooming in was difficult to do with Thibault holding one hand and me carrying Damien with the other, strollers were not permitted in the exhibit… and I am not using my computer, so am unable to crop…..


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