It’s All Relative

I find that the most touching thing about the holidays is Family. Though each holiday brings our family together on different occasions for precious moments, for me Christmas with family stands out in a special and more profound way than any other holiday. I am not sure why. Perhaps it is the delight in the childrens eyes on Christmas morning, or the traditions that are passed down from generation to generation or the warmth of us inside together in contrast to the cold outdoors, or simply the fact that we are able to commit to time off to all be together at once.

I am a strong family person and truely believe that family is the most important thing we have. Family is paramount to my well-being. It is my source of strength. I treasure visits with family members, for the exchanges we have, the sharing of interests, the connections we make, the way we are touched, the influence we are sometimes given or sometimes give… the void we feel in the absence of family when we are too far away.

Certainly, we don’t choose our family, we don’t pick the members of the clan or select their personalities. But nevertheless, we do try to work together and celebrate together and get through challenges together and that is what makes it so special. We are connected to people we would maybe not choose to be with; but in relating to them we see how much we do have in common, how alike our thoughts are, how similar our values and beliefs are and that we all share a joint entity. We may have issues and differences, but in the end we try to not hold grudges, to forgive and to let go and to concentrate on the importance of trying to all get along, of sharing and spreading love. We try to hold each other, give support, encouragement and help carry the burden should there be one to bare.

I am refering to the relationship of my family and my extended family and realize that not all families are like mine. Not everyone is lucky to see what I see, to experience such love. To have such powerful role-models, and witness such determination, such courage.

Recently, surronded by family, carried by their love and their support; the sharing and exchanges, I have been reminded of the power of family, the strength of alliance, of the importance of connections through generations and lineage, of the power in relationships between cousins, and in-laws, siblings and off-springs.

I have been touched by kind words, both written and spoken. Touched by new found understanding. I have been emotionally moved by renewed exchanges, by the gifts, the interest taken, the love shown; the abundance of warmth, and the level of comfort.

Visiting family, writing to family, being together, calling when we are far, sharing and growing, helping and giving, receiving and listening will always be a huge priority for me. My family is what nurtures my spirit and gives energy to my soul. I will make every attempt to instill in my children the same priority, the importance and value in the strength of the connection and bond that we feel individually when we are dependant and together with family. My family is everything to me and I thank each of my family members for such deep love. Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for a Happy New Year


About Alexandra

wife, lover, mother, sister, daughter, friend, teacher, blogger, scrap-booker, cross-stitcher, photographer, designer, multi-lingual speaker, dual-citizenship holder, world traveler, dreamer... hopeful, happy, blessed
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