Picture Postcards

A few weeks ago I unpacked my collection of Griffon & Sabine books. They’d been packed into a box, stacked high with others in a storage container for the past three years. I missed those books! I love the story, the correspondance that takes place between the two characters, the romance that develops through letters written and postcards sent, and the sneaky feeling you get of reading someone else’s letters!

I’ve always been a fan of letter writing. Real, old fashion correspondance, where pretty stationary, decorative stamps and a fountain pen are used (your penmanship instantly becomes elegant, even if you have messy handwritting when writing with a fountain pen!). This dosn’t mean that I don’t email – I am equally a fan of emails and rely on the connection Internet provides us, the closeness one can continue to experience with a loved one by being logged on to an email address or website.

But I do like to hand write my letters every now and then. It makes the message that much more personal, and who doesn’t like to receive personal mail in their mailbox?

If you’ve never read a Griffin & Sabine book then you are unfamiliar with the format. The added plus of reading the letters sent between Griffin and Sabine is that you actually have a real letter to read. You get to open the envelope, pull out the letter, unfold the page of stationary, and devour the letters. The books are composed with mixed media – writing, a physical component of envelopes and letters and art. Both Griffin and Sabine are artists and thus design their own postcards and stationary. It is very inspiring to see and makes for such a good read!

So, after having gotten reacquainted with these two again, I was aching to get back to making my own stationary and cards which is a hobby I’ve been doing since I was about ten years old.

Yesterday I went down into our basement and found the box with some of my craft things. (Yes, we’ve been in the house just under two months already and no we are still not finished unpacking all the boxes!) I found my collection of rubber stamps that I have been using and adding to over the last twenty years. I found the ink pads and my blank postcards and got to work!

This card comes from a selection I did this morning. The butterfly is Hope, reminding me that spring is coming. I especially like the ephemeral qualities that butterflies seem to have, soft and light, they flutter, move quickly, and then are gone.

The poem I wrote is by Thomas Percy and reads “Our joy as winged dreams do fly, why should sorrow last? Since grief but aggravates thy loss, grieve not for what is past”.

Because the front and the back of a postcard are seen, both sides are equally important to design. I used a vintage ‘postcard’ stamp and drew a straight line to seperate the text from the address. A vintage looking international postage stamp and my ‘air mail’ stamp in matching blue complete the look.

I also designed some stationary yesterday and an envelope, but I posted them before taking pictures…

Here are two cards that Thibault designed while I was doing my cards. He did a little mixed media work himself combining felt-tip markers, wax crayons and rubber stamps. We sent these cards to each set of grandparents while running errands this morning in Dreux.

Should any one like to receive one of my hand made postcards, just let me know in the comments. If I don’t already have it, I’ll email you to get your ‘snail mail’ address!


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2 Responses to Picture Postcards

  1. Caity says:

    Those postcards are totally awesome (not to mention creative and gorgeous)! I would love one! 😀

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