Blankets Wrap you in Warmth, Quilts Wrap you in Love.

Last week I finished a quilt I’d been working on for the past two months . I couldn’t talk about it earlier because I was making the quilt for someone special and that someone special reads my blog, so I didn’t want to give away the surpise.

This is only the second quilt I ever make. The first quilt I made was for a friend’s son. This quilt I made for my mother-in-law. She’s going through a rough time right now; I remember when my mother went through a similar rough time and someone made her a blanket that she still uses and treasures. I thought it would be nice if I made one for my mother-in-law, something to keep her warm during her naps.

I get most of my inspiration for projects and quilt ideas from Quilts & More magazine, online at I find their designs and choice in fabrics hip, modern and elegant. The quilt I made is called Bars of Gold, or in french, Financier which also happens to be the name of a french tea cake. For fabric, I started with one very delicious Jelly Roll, a sweet set of 40 2.5 inch x 44 inch fabric strips rolled up and tied in a very cute bundle. The one I chose is called Nature’s Notebook and is designed by April Cornell at Moda Fabrics. To complete the quilt I used designer fabrics – the strips and binding are by Manuel Canovas, the backing is by Colefax and Fowler.

I pieced the quilt-top by machine, but quilted it by hand. I like the way you can manipulated the three layers (backing, batting, and quilt top) easily when working by hand – I find the machine pushes or pulls the fabric too much making it difficult to control. I worked on the quilt on and off again over two months, and did the hand quilting in about 96 hours over a two week period. I am very proud of the end product, of the choice in fabrics and color combinations, and of the stitching overall. You can see the full quilt top here, and the back of the quilt here. The finished quilt measures 160 cm x 170cm (5ft 3in x 5ft 7in). I have my husband to thank for supporting me (I didn’t wash any dishes the last week I worked on the quilt and made only light quick meals), my friend Sabine to thank for helping in coordinating fabrics, and my father-in-law to thank for sponsoring me with the supply of stunning designer fabrics.

My husband and eldest son delivered the quilt in person to my mother-in-law over the weekend. She was really really pleased. She used the quilt right away for her nap. I know the quilt will be as special for her to use as it was for me to stitch.

Shops :
Fat Quarter Shop, Texas, USA – Jelly Roll
Saperlipo’ Patch, Bordeaux, France – Batting
Entrelinhas, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – quilting thread


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