Handmade, Original French Designs

For a while now I have been toying with the idea of starting an online business, something small where I can sell a few of my creations. Last December I learned about Etsy.com and was eager to get settled in our home with my craft supplies to try out the idea of selling my work on their website.

Well, that’s it! I did it! it is official. I have created an online shop, AtelierXandraDesigns on Etsy. I know not to expect overnight success, I know it will take time. We’ll see how it goes.

I decided to open the business with a simple, classic item, something that can be useful besides being pretty to look at. The gift tags I made back in November were a success amongst family and friends, so I thought it would be a good project to start with. I made some new tags using print samples of French designer fabric – fruits, florals, and toile de jouy, a total of nine textiles are represented. Each tag measures 2″ x 3″ inches, has a satin ribbon attached and is laminated. Like the gift tags I made last year, these can be used on gifts or as bookmarks, for scrapbooking projects or even as decorations. Because they are laminated, they are very durable and can even be re-used if writing with a white-board pen.

I am selling the tags in sets of five or seven. Each set will have an assortment of tags. Since the tags are handmade, each one is unique, so no two tags are exactly similar which means that no two sets will be exactly the same. I suppose I could also sell the tags individually, but the shipping would turn out to be more expensive than the tag itself, so I found it would be more beneficial to group them together into sets. The tags will be on sale for a period of four months.

I tried to create something fresh, hip, original and modern. I am really happy with the way the tags turned out and believe they would be perfect for upcoming Birthdays, Easter, Mother’s Day, Baby Showers and Teacher gifts. I look forward to having some feedback from you, some positive criticism, especially from you Etsy professionals!


About Alexandra

wife, lover, mother, sister, daughter, friend, teacher, blogger, scrap-booker, cross-stitcher, photographer, designer, multi-lingual speaker, dual-citizenship holder, world traveler, dreamer... hopeful, happy, blessed
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3 Responses to Handmade, Original French Designs

  1. Caity says:

    Awesome! I’m so excited for your shop! I hope it does well!

  2. The tags are exquisite!

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