Elle Toujours

I am definately ready for a new season! I find myself very drawn to anything bright, colorful, and spring-y. A lot of the spring issues of arts n’ crafts and decorating magazines came out this past Monrday. They all feature pretty flowers, fresh and bright decorating ideas and pastel colours for Easter. After flipping through the glossy pages, and what with the beautiful spring weather we’ve had over the past few days, I was inspired and felt like creating something to add a touch of spring to our interior!

I made a cloth-covered bulletin board. In French they’re called a pêle-mêle. The ribbons are handy for tucking in reminders, invitations, tickets, postcards, receipt, etc. I used a sturdy fabric (the floral print is called Elle Toujours) and criss-crossed grosgrain ribbon, stapling them to a large board; I nailed upholstery tacks to secure the ribbons to the front.

I love the boldness of the flowers and the character the board has as opposed to your regular, plain cork bulletin boards! I’ve hung the board in our hallway so we can leave messages, read reminders and see new mail easily as we come and go.

Here’s how to make your own spring-y bulletin board!
Tools and Materials
sturdy fabric
quilt batting
upholstery tacks
staple gun

1. Cut batting the size of the board. Measure and cut the fabric to the size of the board, adding 3 inches all around. Lay the fabric front-side down, then center the batting and place the board on top.

2. Starting on one side, double fold the fabric over the board, and with a staple gun, staple in place. Repeat on the opposite side and then the top and bottom making sure to stretch the fabric taut. Work your way around the board to secure the fabric, making sure to pull thr fabric taut. At each corner, cut the extra fabric, the triangle, about 1/4 of an inch from the corner of the board. Continue to double fold the side and top fabric of the corner, overlaping the fabric, tucking in excess nicely and staple it into place.

3. Cut and arrange ribbons on the board in an interlacing pattern; I placed them in diagonals but you can also arrange them horizontally and vertically creating squares. Use a ruler to measure so that the ribbons are equally spaced. Start with the center ribbons that will make the X. Staple ribbon about 3 inches from the edge on one side, pull taut and staple the opposite end. Continue until all the ribbons are attached.

4. With a hammer, nail the upholstery tacks at the points where the ribbon instersects. I only used nine tacks, but you can use more or less as you please. You may need to reposition the ribbons a little before incase they moved. Attach an eye hook and wire, and affix to the wall.

Resources :
Arts n’ Crafts magazines
Modes et Travaux
Decoration magazines
Le Journal de la Maison
Marie-Claire Maison
Campagne Décoration
Manuel Canovas
Leroy Merlin


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7 Responses to Elle Toujours

  1. Cherie says:

    You are so creative and talented! Love it!

  2. Julia says:

    Very nice!

  3. Kara says:

    Only thing missing is a Mariages Freres postcard.

  4. Eric says:

    Alexandra, Great Bulletin Board… I love it!

  5. Catherine says:

    The cloth resembles the upolstery on my living room coaches! I love it, Alexandra! It’s beautiful!

  6. Suzan says:

    I see something on there that looks familiar!! I’m glad it arrived safely. What a pretty board too :o)

  7. Caity says:

    Wow that is gorgeous! I love it!! 😀

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