Playful Pillows

My boys. Are typical boys. They love cars, love kicking balls, love catching bugs, love chasing each other around the dinning room table. They love reading books, using their imagination and share that complicity agaisnt mom that brothers often share. To be honest, I secretly celebrate the conspiracy, I revel in the way they play. Though, there is one thing I do fine terribly irksome: when they use the ‘pretty’ cushions from the couch on the floor as the walls of their living room forts, or as fishing boats, or as race cars, or as farm horses… I decided that instead of wasting my time yelling repeatedly yet gently asking them to Please not use those cushions, I would make them their own, floor-safe, child-friendly, optimal-fort-quality pillows just for them. The kind that don’t go on the couch, but whose place is in fact the floor.

As a mother, I do realize that my sons will see no difference in the pillows, of which ones are off limits on the couch and which ones are ok to help let their imaginations take flight. I know that all the pillows in the house, living room, etc. will still find their way onto the floor, because they are ‘absolutely needed to make the fort wall’. But the pillows were still fun, quick and easy to make!

I love the fabric – the lattice pattern on one side in a soft thin cotton, the antelopes on the other side in a heavier cotton toile. I love how all the cushions have the same matching motifs, but each is in different colour pallettes. I’d like to think that these pillows will follow the boys as they grow, on the floor today, later on their beds and eventually on the couches of their batchler pads, and that when the boys see these pillows, or perhaps remnants of the fabric of what is left of the pillows, they will be transported back to fond memories of their boyhood living room adventures.

To make your own cushions
Tools and Materials
Two pieces of fabric of the same size
pillow stuffing

With right sides facing, sew around the square leaving about a 5-inch opening at the bottom. Create a 2-inch gusset at the bottom of each corner. Flip pillow right side out and push out the corners. Stuff the pillow and sew the opening shut either my hand or machine.


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8 Responses to Playful Pillows

  1. Caity says:

    Wow those pillows are awesome! They look so comfortable too! I wish I could make things like that! I will have to learn.

    • Alexandra says:

      If you’ve never sewn before, pillows are a great beginner project. I remember it was the first thing I sewed on a machine, just four straight line stitching. I still have that first pillow I made when I was about ten….

  2. Sabine says:

    moi aussi je les trouve géniaux ces coussins, tu me fais un set pour mon futur canapé?

  3. annelise says:

    These are PRETTY

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