Precious Treats and Special Treasures

Now with the weather getting nicer, warmer, brighter, sunnier, greener, there are several shows and fairs taking place this month and next. This weekend alone there are three such fairs – a funfair in La Chaussée d’Ivry, a fair of nature and produce of the land in Ivry la Bataille, and the one I went to today, an antiques fair in Saint-Aquilin-de-Pacy.

The drive to Saint-Aquilin-de-Pacy (a commune in the Eure department in Haute-Normandie in northern France) was breath-taking and pictoresque (though I have no pictures because I was driving and there wasn’t any room to pull over to take a picutre…next time.) I passed through several small, quaint country villages and drove by beautiful fields and charming old farmhouses.

Antique Fairs are always such fun! This afternoon the boys stayed home with my husband for naps while I went out for some Me time! This antiques fair was small, only about twelve vendors, but it was still a real treat to attend! Especially since I was Sans. Les. Enfants. I always love to browse and see the treasures on display at antique flea markets. I get so inspired by what I see, what I can use to make something spectacular – and I always love to guess the stories that belong to the items being sold. To whom they belonged, by whom and to whom were they given or sent, what hidden secrets do they keep?

dolls and dishes, porcelaine figurines and small pill boxes, ivory combs and pocket watches, silver silverware and furnitures, embroidered linens and tableclothes displayed for sale

I spent a good hour at the fair, found a few treaures of my own. I didn’t really go with ideas of finding anything, I wasn’t looking for anything in particular, I just wanted to look, see what was there, seek inspiration – but I came home with some special treats – three beautiful postcards!

Card 1
This one’s scene needs no explanation! I think it is my favourite card. I don’t have a Paris card in my collection because they are usually sought after, making them rare and expensive. This card’s image is clear and sharp, the stamp is completely intact with a postmark date of 1908. And the person who wrote the card wrote on the back first horizontally and then vertically, in perfect, regular penmanship on perfect invisible lines. It makes for an interesting design but a challenge to read!

Card 2
April Fool’s Day in French is called Un Poisson d’Avril (an April Fish). Cards with this theme were often sent as small notes of affection. I think this card was sent in the 1880’s, the sender wrote no message, just addressed the card. I like the old-fashioned tinted photograph. The message on the front of the card says “Il ne faut que savoir choisir pour voir s’exaucer tout désir” (one needs only know what to choose to see one’s desirs come true)

Card 3
This postcard was like an ad card or business card for a hat and shoe store for men, women and children. The back has the store info, mentioning shirts, suspenders, neck ties and gloves and special items for hunting. I like the little boy on the front. It is hard to find documents featuring children. Maybe I can use this for a project for the boys…

Antique fairs happen quite often here in the countryside, and very regularly in Paris. I am so excited to have access to them, once again, for ideas and inspirations and for the occaissonal acquiring of special treasures!


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6 Responses to Precious Treats and Special Treasures

  1. Such charming postcards…. the one with crosshatched writing reminds me of the Jane Austen letters I recently viewed at the Morgan Library here in New York. The explanation was the paper was very expensive, and so people regularly (and carefully!) used every space available to them. So different today, when people carelessly print out emails, read them, and throw them away….
    So glad you had Me time! 🙂

    • Alexandra says:

      I did not know the crosshatched writing was common. How times have changed, huh…. good thing we have some evidence of the past to remind us today of our excessive ways… Thanks much for this info!

  2. Catherine says:

    Yes, I love that Eiffel Tower postcard, but is it a photo or a sketch. Did you buy all those cards you posted? Sounds like it was a great time!

    • Alexandra says:

      The postcard of Paris is a photo, a very clear, high contrast black&white photo. Yes! I bought all the cards (pictured are the front and back of each so it looks like there are six, but there are just three…). They came up to a total of 11€, the Paris one alone was priced at 6€ , but I was able to get all three cards for a total of 5€ ! Yeah for bargaining!

  3. Caity says:

    Wow those postcards are gorgeous! I love yours though – it could also be in there. You are so talented!

    I would love to go to a fair like that. There are such beautiful treasures to be found!!

    • Alexandra says:

      Thanks Caity! but my card is not an antique – yet. Who knows maybe in 2110 someone will come across the one I sent you in an antique flea market and buy it =)

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