Decorating Memories with Easter Traditions

When I was a little girl living in Japan, I made Easter eggs every year. I’d spend a whole morning blowing out eggs so that I could decorate them with washi paper. When I returned to Tokyo as a college student, I taught craft classes to children at my alma mater, where I had originally learned the craft myself. One of the classes I taught was how to make washi eggs!

This year for Easter, I had the urge to make some washi eggs, just like when I was younger. Only, as I was going through my craft supplies, I realized that I didn’t quite have all the necessary materials : washi paper and Nori paste… But, I had eggs, I had patterned origami paper, and I had spray adhesive. Almost perfect! As I was making the first couple of eggs, having a bit of trouble manipulating the (dry as opposed to wet from paste) paper around the egg, I realized it’s been about 15 years since I made these – the last time I made washi eggs for Easter I was in Junior High! What a lovely stroll down Memory Lane it was making these eggs this afternoon!

Given that I am really out of practice and was using materials I had on hand as oppose to the proper materials, I think they came out all right. The orange egg looks the worst, I broke one egg while working on it so ended up with only five eggs…. and I didn’t even lacquer them! Next year I’ll do better…

One of my favourite things as a mother is to share holiday traditions and the things I love with my children. At 2 1/2 years and 1 year old, my boys are still too young to make washi eggs, but they are the perfect age to do simple egg decorating for Easter. I hard-boiled their eggs for them, as blown out eggs would have been too fragile for their little hands… We did simple decorating – they rolled the eggs in bowls I prepared of various colored food dye, swishing them back and forth with a spoon. Thibault made two blue ones and Damien made a green one… They were beaming this evening as they peeled their eggs for dinner!

I love the joy on their faces – so delighted and proud of their work. I hope they will carry these memories with them for a long time…


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3 Responses to Decorating Memories with Easter Traditions

  1. Caity says:

    Wow those eggs are beautiful! Happy Easter!!

    I am sure that they will have these memories. I will always remember decorating eggs with my family.

  2. Catherine says:

    Precious! The boys are lucky to have such a talented mother!

  3. Julia says:

    I totally agree!

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