Autour de l’Amour

I didn’t blog all that much last week, not like I usually do. I haven’t been tweeting as much either… and I didn’t turn my computer on for a few days which was a nice treat in itself. Sometimes I just need to do something else, spend my time on one concentration instead of spreading my time over various endeavors…

Last week, and for the past two weekends, I have been mostly doing needlework. Finishing projects, starting new ones and continuing works in progress… I’ve been cross-stitching, sewing and quilting. Of my current four projects, I have just completed one, that I hope will please…

Every year at the trade show/exhibit Salon Créations & Savoir-faire, the magazine Marie-Claire Idées does a sort of creative contest, collecting hand-made pieces from their readers to sell at the show – all proceeds going to a selected charity. Each year a theme and an association are chosen. This year’s theme is Autour de l’Amour (around love) and the charity benefiting is L’Etoile de Martin. Founded in 2006 after the death of Martin to a brain tumor at two years old, this association supports children’s cancer research and helps the little stars live a better daily life through music and movement. I am very excited and proud to participate in this project for the first time this year!

I decided to make a mobile. I liked the idea of being surronded by love, to have hearts floating around us… At first my idea was to cross-stitch hearts, but that would have taken me too long and I would never have made the June 5 deadline. So I settled on sewing different sized hearts out of different yet coordinating fabrics. I chose the color blue as the main color because I think this could be used for a little boy baby or little girl baby, or even decoration for an adult or adolescent. (while waiting to package and mail it, I have the mobile hanging in our stairway – an appropriate location, I find, because we all pass under it as we come and go, as love is all around us!) And who said that little girls always have to have pink things or that little boys can’t have organic floral motifs?

Past associations chosen by the project have included Les Blouses Roses, UNAF, Perce-neige. Entries are open to worldwide readers, so if you would also like to participate you can! You just need to send your hand-made item by mid-night June 5. Contest rules and shipping info here.


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5 Responses to Autour de l’Amour

  1. Catherine says:

    Oh, this is just beautiful!!! Not just because it is adorable, but also because it is hand-made with so much love and cheerfulness! I wonder if boys in general would keep this as a memento of the person who made it. I know I would. It reminds me of the clothes hangers that Memere Joyal crocheted. I still have mine to this day. And I have her afghans she made. Your mobile is just awesome! I would love one myself!

  2. Jenny says:

    It’s an awesome mobile!

  3. Caity says:

    That is so adorable! I love it so much!! 😀

  4. Becca says:

    I love that! I would totally buy one.

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