Finished Stitches

I’ve been on a roll these past weeks. That is to say, a creative roll, making progress on various projects, even completing some. But I have taken short cuts on the home front (neglecting the ironing, dusting, and vaccuming….), I am lucky to have a tolerant and supportive husband! We can’t do everything, and it is true to say that when we put our time and energy in one concentration, it is lacking elsewhere…

I don’t quite remember when I began stitching these leaves, sometime while we were living in Brazil, something like ten! months ago… well, Saturday evening I finally finished it and yesterday I framed it!

You can view my progress of the project. I love the subtlies in the variations of green threads, making the leaves glow a little, almost as though I had framed real leaves…though it is hard to make out from the picture. The fern is my by far my favourite, like green lace, it was the most difficult of the three branches to stitch. If you look at the original design you will notice I didn’t stich the frame around because I found it too confining.

Originally I thought this made a nice kitchen-y design, but in the end, I decided to hang it in our bedroom instead, as it matches the leaf & fern shades I made in Februrary.

I still have the ‘home sweet home’ sampler to finish. Guess what? I’ve misplaced the thread, again! I wonder if I will ever get it finished! I have already started looking at new cross-stitch ideas. I spent a whole morning flipping through my cross-stitch library, books and magazines looking at all the beautiful designs. I made a list of the DMC references, from about four books, for about 7 designs. I wrote down about 108 numbers.

DMC is a French company that makes embroidery floss which is known internationaly and referenced by authors and designers worldwide. In France I’ve seen one skein of thread priced between €1.35 to €2.50. In the US, these same DMC threads, made in France, thus imported, are priced from 25¢ to 44¢. That is quite a significant difference! I added up the total. If I wanted to stitch all the designs I like, it would cost me €145. However, since we will be traveling to the USA this summer, I will most likely purchase my threads there, for a grand total of €15! No wonder there is a decline in needlepoint crafts in this country, it is quite an expensive hobby! and I’m not sure the French even realize that the price is significantly higher… Lucky me that I can buy my supplies outside of the country – it’s just so unfortunate that the threads in the USA are so clearly marked for sale only outside the European Union, because then I could make a fortune re-selling them here!


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One Response to Finished Stitches

  1. Julia says:

    Lovely! I like the way your framed work matches your curtains!

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