Festival de la Laine

Over the weekend, I went to another tremendously inspiring, wonderfully creative exhibit. The exhibit, Festival de la Laine (Wool Arts Festival) is going on until May 6 at the Bergerie Nationale in Rambouillet.

The show presents 50+ artists and designers, International, European and local, who use wool – spinning it, boiling it, scratching it, brushing it, pulling it, weaving it, knitting it, dying it – in art, jewelry, textiles, fashion, accessories, decorations – in conventional and non-conventional ways. Some of the pieces were truely amazing!

A selection of noteworthy inspiring sources :
Ronel Jordaan from South Africa… using nature as her source of inspiration she makes beautiful items for home decor.

My favourite piece from the Wool & Wood contest organized by Ateliers d’Art de France.

Also present where the sheep of course, who provide such soft fleese used in the masterpieces, and some of the tools needed to create such beautiful pieces – knitting needles, looms, spindles, knitting nellies, etc. from Homespun.

I came home with a small paper bag full of these beautiful wool felt flowers, made by a selection of designers from the Association Feutre Art Textile. I hope to use some as brooches, or as decorations on bags and keychains, or they even look pretty in this dish as a center piece!

Although I am just an ocassional knitter, since about the age of 10, I have always been drawn to fibers, to the process of creating textiles, whether it be through weaving or knitting, of dying the textiles, embelishing them with embroidery or perles, of sewing these bits and pieces of textiles to make garments and accessories. When I attend exhibits of this caliber, I always feel like I am not being creative enough, that I need to push the limits of my creativity further, that I am thwarting my creative passion. I am filled with both a frustrating and exhilerating emotion when I visit these expos…


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2 Responses to Festival de la Laine

  1. Catherine says:

    I like those felt flowers alot!

  2. assateague girl says:

    Wow– so inspiring and unique and utterly gorgeous….

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