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What’s for Dinner?

What’s for Dinner? I hear this often, asked by my husband, my eldest son, I even pose myself the question and recall interrogating my mother on the subject when I was a kid. My Uncle André has the tendancy to … Continue reading

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Auriez vous une pièce pour le caddie?*

I tend to grocery shop once a week, sometimes twice a week. That might be excessive to some, but we have a really small fridge for a family of four (only slightly larger than what most college students have in … Continue reading

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A New Something Old

The boys have been a handful this AM acting rambunctious. The usual, bike rides and running/ jumping/ collecting bugs in the front yard don’t appeal to them like they usually do. Maybe it’s because we feel stuck at home having … Continue reading

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Neglecting Important Responsibilities

I hate taking care of administrative duties. I don’t like making phone calls and booking appointments. I sort of tend to put these things off indefinately. There are so many other things I rather do. Booking medical appointments, though it … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday

Now that we have a garden to tend to, I feel like I should sign up for a ‘gardening for dummies’ course. I recently learned that these little buggers are rather harmless and quite common. They are called punaise Gendarme, … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday

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Wordless Wednesday

so far my favorite room in the house!

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Day 27 AEDM – Establishing a Plan

Things could be worse. I feel guilty complaining. Especially the day after Thanksgiving. We are all healthy. We are all happy. We’ve been very lucky and awfully blessed. We’ve had remarkable experiences. We are loved. We have family, friends – … Continue reading

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19 AEDM : Adding Personality

We’re staying in an apart/ hotel by the name Residence Adagio. And for the most part, this name has reflected our stay; we have been having a pretty carefree time, in slow tempo. Our schedule is pretty relaxed. We usually … Continue reading

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A Pleasing Entity

The other day, I read a post about treating yourself on a friend’s blog. On the spur of the moment, I commented the entry mentioning that travel would be my treat. I love to see and discover and learn and … Continue reading

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