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Snack-time in Paris

Being French, le goûter (snack) is taken very seriously by children and adults alike. At 4pm sharp packs of cookies are torn open, cakes are cut, Nutella is spread, and pieces of fruit are distributed among hungry kids and grown-ups. … Continue reading

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A Changed Level of Consciousness

In the span of four weeks, i.e. one month, my little family has set foot on three different continents, rested their head on pillows in three different countries, have spent days and eaten meals in three different time zones, and … Continue reading

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My Paris Gym Membership

Paris is an exhilarating city. It is intoxicating. It is beautiful. Paris, with it’s historic cobblestone streets, specialized boutiques, open-air markets, mouthwatering pastries, abundant cafés. Paris, with it’s centuries old architecture challenging the modern, contemporary buildings. Paris, with its numerous … Continue reading

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Where’s My Nest?

… So, for the past week we have been house hunting as you may already know. It has been a very fun and exciting experience, but also a very tedious and exhausting one. We’ve visited several houses, big ones, small … Continue reading

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Name Calling

By having had the opportunity to live in different countries, each with their own language, I have seen how names, my name, can change when pronounced in a different language. I now understand better why people in the US may … Continue reading

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Traveling, Luxury Style

Traveling is fun. It is an opportunity to see the world, discover other people and their culture, taste new foods and hear new sounds. Traveling allows you to be more open-minded, more tolerant, more outgoing. I love to travel, to … Continue reading

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Unworthy and Indignant, Mother I am

I’d like to think of myself as a good mother. Maybe even an awesome one! Yet, sometimes, I feel like I am not doing enough for my kids. I try to balance being fun and firm. Playing, running, rolling on … Continue reading

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Life is Wonderful

We said Good-bye to Penedo this AM around 9:30. I admit that I cried as we left and as we drove passed Resende. We arrived in Rio in time for lunch. We’ll be here with our friends till our departure … Continue reading

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Moving Forward, Moving On, Moving Ahead

So, D-day came. We haven’t left the country yet, but I find that it is not so bad, at least not the way I thought it would be, not like I had anticipated. I am at the same time very … Continue reading

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Mixed Emotions

Moving is mixed emotions. It is sadness at what we are leaving behind, a farewell to a comfort level we are familiar with, the security of things we know for sure. It is excitement at the new adventure, the unknown, … Continue reading

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