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Itching to Stitch!

It’s incredible how liberated I feel since my last post. I feel fresh, renewed, filled with the sunshine of this warm spring morning, able to move on to more important, fun things now that I have gotten all of that … Continue reading

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Decorating Memories with Easter Traditions

When I was a little girl living in Japan, I made Easter eggs every year. I’d spend a whole morning blowing out eggs so that I could decorate them with washi paper. When I returned to Tokyo as a college … Continue reading

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Butterflies & Flowers for Easter

I’ve taken a few days off from blogging, doing other things for a change – decorating the house, reading, and trying out new recipes. My eldest son has been asking me for chocolate cupcakes for over a week. I decided … Continue reading

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A New Something Old

The boys have been a handful this AM acting rambunctious. The usual, bike rides and running/ jumping/ collecting bugs in the front yard don’t appeal to them like they usually do. Maybe it’s because we feel stuck at home having … Continue reading

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Playful Pillows

My boys. Are typical boys. They love cars, love kicking balls, love catching bugs, love chasing each other around the dinning room table. They love reading books, using their imagination and share that complicity agaisnt mom that brothers often share. … Continue reading

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Elle Toujours

I am definately ready for a new season! I find myself very drawn to anything bright, colorful, and spring-y. A lot of the spring issues of arts n’ crafts and decorating magazines came out this past Monrday. They all feature … Continue reading

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Handmade, Original French Designs

For a while now I have been toying with the idea of starting an online business, something small where I can sell a few of my creations. Last December I learned about and was eager to get settled in … Continue reading

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Blankets Wrap you in Warmth, Quilts Wrap you in Love.

Last week I finished a quilt I’d been working on for the past two months . I couldn’t talk about it earlier because I was making the quilt for someone special and that someone special reads my blog, so I … Continue reading

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Picture Postcards

A few weeks ago I unpacked my collection of Griffon & Sabine books. They’d been packed into a box, stacked high with others in a storage container for the past three years. I missed those books! I love the story, … Continue reading

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l’Aiguille en Fête !

Over the Valentine’s Day weekend, l’Aiguille en Fête, another creative, crafty trunk show took place at Park de la Villette in Paris for the 7th year. Unlike the Créations et Savoir Faire show that I went to back in November, … Continue reading

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