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Protected: Happy Birthday, Grandmama!

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Auriez vous une pièce pour le caddie?*

I tend to grocery shop once a week, sometimes twice a week. That might be excessive to some, but we have a really small fridge for a family of four (only slightly larger than what most college students have in … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday

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Playful Pillows

My boys. Are typical boys. They love cars, love kicking balls, love catching bugs, love chasing each other around the dinning room table. They love reading books, using their imagination and share that complicity agaisnt mom that brothers often share. … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday

Some of what we see daily…

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Wordless Wednesday

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Alternating Seasons, Wavering Attitudes

Why is it that we complain about the cold during the winter months wishing for warmth, and during the summer months complain about the heat and hope for cooler days? Why are we never satisfied to live in the moment, … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday

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Final Day AEDM : Still Corresponding

Yesterday I came home and wanted to write my grandmother a letter. I started formulated phrases, putting together sentences in my mind of what I wanted to say, share about my day and ideas of projects for our new house. … Continue reading

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Day 27 AEDM – Establishing a Plan

Things could be worse. I feel guilty complaining. Especially the day after Thanksgiving. We are all healthy. We are all happy. We’ve been very lucky and awfully blessed. We’ve had remarkable experiences. We are loved. We have family, friends – … Continue reading

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