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Decorating Memories with Easter Traditions

When I was a little girl living in Japan, I made Easter eggs every year. I’d spend a whole morning blowing out eggs so that I could decorate them with washi paper. When I returned to Tokyo as a college … Continue reading

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Day 17 : AEDM – Tonight’s Prayers

Tonight, for this seventeenth day of Art Every Day Month, I have not much to share, though much to reflect upon, and such little power to make any changes… It is not that I lack ideas or haven’t found the … Continue reading

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Day 12 : AEDN – Travel

Why do we go on trips? From where does the desire to go elsewhere come from? This past Tuesday, when I wrote a sorry excuse of a blog post, it was because I spent the afternoon at the Maison du … Continue reading

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Name Calling

By having had the opportunity to live in different countries, each with their own language, I have seen how names, my name, can change when pronounced in a different language. I now understand better why people in the US may … Continue reading

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Traveling by Smell

Sometimes when I go somewhere new or return to some place I’ve been to before, I wish I could bottle up some of the scents. It is easy to take a photo, or write a descrption to help us remember … Continue reading

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