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Protected: Happy Birthday, Grandmama!

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Playful Pillows

My boys. Are typical boys. They love cars, love kicking balls, love catching bugs, love chasing each other around the dinning room table. They love reading books, using their imagination and share that complicity agaisnt mom that brothers often share. … Continue reading

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Neglecting Important Responsibilities

I hate taking care of administrative duties. I don’t like making phone calls and booking appointments. I sort of tend to put these things off indefinately. There are so many other things I rather do. Booking medical appointments, though it … Continue reading

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A Pleasing Entity

The other day, I read a post about treating yourself on a friend’s blog. On the spur of the moment, I commented the entry mentioning that travel would be my treat. I love to see and discover and learn and … Continue reading

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Postponed Till Further Notice

It’s the beginning of the week. Good thing we had a relaxing Sunday, though it would be nice to start the week in a gentler manner. It should not be assumed that because we had a simple Sunday we are … Continue reading

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A Changed Level of Consciousness

In the span of four weeks, i.e. one month, my little family has set foot on three different continents, rested their head on pillows in three different countries, have spent days and eaten meals in three different time zones, and … Continue reading

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Simple Pleasures, Precious Moments

I took the boys on a long walk, down Main Street and up Concord Street to Greeley Park this autumn afternoon. We went after nap time and before snack time. Thibault carried his Halloween bucket from Mamie filled with cars, … Continue reading

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My Paris Gym Membership

Paris is an exhilarating city. It is intoxicating. It is beautiful. Paris, with it’s historic cobblestone streets, specialized boutiques, open-air markets, mouthwatering pastries, abundant cafés. Paris, with it’s centuries old architecture challenging the modern, contemporary buildings. Paris, with its numerous … Continue reading

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Unworthy and Indignant, Mother I am

I’d like to think of myself as a good mother. Maybe even an awesome one! Yet, sometimes, I feel like I am not doing enough for my kids. I try to balance being fun and firm. Playing, running, rolling on … Continue reading

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Moving Forward, Moving On, Moving Ahead

So, D-day came. We haven’t left the country yet, but I find that it is not so bad, at least not the way I thought it would be, not like I had anticipated. I am at the same time very … Continue reading

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