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This weblog is completely ad-free. Nobody paid me to say anything here. Everything I write about or review is written because I experienced it myself and want to talk about it.

All content here is Copyright me, XandraDesigns, XandraExpressions, AlexandraConrad 2010, unless otherwise noted. Do not steal my photos, my designs or my words. Do not publish my blog posts elsewhere without my consent, but feel free to link to posts as you please. This is my journal. I will write about what I feel, see, taste, live, experience, create, design and my opinions. You are allowed to have your own opinion, but please respect mine while you are here. Remember that there is a difference between debating and personal attacks, just as there is a difference between constructive criticism and insults. Rude and inappropriate comments will always be deleted.

Thanks for visiting, please leave comments so I know you stopped by!

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